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Special Events Area, Riverside Park

Boardwalk Map


Saturday September 24, 2005


Check-in 12:00pm, event at 12:30pm

Order of Competition: Div. III, I, II



 Click the Map to see the course


  1. Each Boardwalk team will consist of 4 team members (2 male, 2 female).

  2. Each pair of boards will be 8' in length and cut from 1x6 wood. The first rope "handle" is attached at 23" from the rear of the board; the next three handles are at 21" intervals.

  3. With boards lying parallel to each other, each team member will place right foot on one board, left foot on the other. Holding the handles (around the fingers, not the person's wrist), each team will walk their boards through a cone course to the finish line. If any member falls off the board, that member must get on board again at the point of falling off and the team continue to the finish.

  4. Teams must cross the finish line with all eight feet on the boards or they will be disqualified.

  5. The YMCA will provide boards for the event.

  6. The boards can not be used backwards; an arrow will show the way for forward progress.