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Victoria YMCA

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Division I -  6:30 pm; event at 7:00 pm
Division II -  7:00 pm; event at 7:30 pm

Division III -  7:30 pm; event at 8:00 pm



  1. Each team will consist of two (2) males and two (2) females.

  2. Teams will consist of two males or two females or two coed team, each Corporate Company will have two teams. A Corporate Company may have a minimum of one coed team, if needed.

  3. Each two-player team has one minute to score as many baskets as possible from any of the six shooting spots or layups identified on the court.

  4. Each shooting spot point value is indicated on each shooting spot. Point values range from 2 to 8 points.

  5. The team with the two highest combined scores wins.

  6. Order of shooting will be decided by draw for divisions and teams.

  7. Participants may use the YMCA balls or choice of their own. Women may use a women’s size ball if preferred. Co-ed teams must use an official size ball.

Rules to begin

  1. One player begins on the half court line with the ball. The second player begins at any place within the half court area.

  2. The referee indicates when play begins. The player at half court dribbles to any shooting spot and either shoots or passes the ball.

  3. A player cannot shoot consecutively from the same spot. All invalid shots will not be counted.

  4. One player cannot shoot consecutive baskets. When shooting, the player must begin with a portion of one-foot touching the shooting spot. Jump shots are allowed.

  5. Each team can score a maximum of two layups worth two points each during the one-minute competition.

  6. No street or outdoor shoes allowed.

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