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Special Events Area, Riverside Park


Saturday, September 24, 2005


Check in 1:00 pm, event at 1:30 pm

Order of competition: Div II, III ,I



  1. Teams will consist of 4 people, 2 male and 2 females, making up two pairs of team members. Each pair will hold a small towel between them, with which they will catch and toss the balloon.

  2. First toss will begin with team pairs standing 10 feet apart. At each toss (signaled by a blow of the whistle) only one team pair will move backward the distance designated by the committee person in charge. The stationary team pair must stay behind the line, if either member of the stationary pair crosses the line, team will be disqualified.

  3. The team that gains the greatest distance between team pairs without breaking the water balloon is the winner.

  4. Water balloons will be 5" balloons filled to a weight of 1 lb.

  5. If teams want to practice before the event, NOT the day of the event, the YMCA will provide at the second captain's meeting 20 regulation balloons to each team.

  6. Gloves may not be worn during the event.

  7. Towel dimensions are approximately 14"x24"