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Riverside Park

Friday, September 23, 2005

Check-in 6:15 pm, event at 6:45 pm

1 Mile Walk Map

EVENT: One Mile Team Walk/Jog - Time Predicted

Click the Map to see the course


  1. Each Corporate Cup team may enter one (1) team consisting of six participants with all team members must complete the course. A team without six walkers/joggers has an option to participate and take a five-minute penalty for each walker/jogger not participating.

  2. Each person must be able to complete the course in 30 minutes.

  3. The team roster must be turned in 20 minutes before the race. Each participant should have his individual time prediction written on the roster, next to his name. Determining the difference of the participantís actual time from the predicted time will score the event. The "error" for each of the six walkers/joggers will then be added together to determine the team score. The team with the lowest "error" will be the winner. Note that the "error" will be difference from the predicted time. It will make no difference if the participant is too fast or too slow.

  4. No speedometers, watches, clocks, other forms of timing equipment, or another person pacing the rider are allowed. The penalty will result in disqualification.

  5. Only one race will be run. This race will be run in 6 waves with only one person from a competing team in each wave.

  6. A participant who has not covered the full course may not cross the finish line as a competitor for team points.

  7. All participants proceed through the funnel in order of finish and will receive a numbered ticket. Captains need to collect participant's number ticket and return all to the scorerís desk.

  8. The course is indicated on the map provided.

  9. Participants must be in a forward progress throughout the course.