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2012-2013 Catalog

M.Ed. in Education Leadership, Administration & Supervision

Mission:  The mission of University of Houston-Victoria Educational Administration program is to develop leaders who advance ethics, excellence, and the highest educational standards in our society’s schools.

Students must pass a comprehensive examination on the content of one education core course and the content of two courses in their plan area.  One question must come from the faculty advisor and one question must come from faculty outside of the ELAS teaching core.    Students are eligible to take the comprehensive exam upon completion of 24 graduate credit hours. Students who fail one part of the exam may re-take the exam within the same semester in which it was first attempted.  Students who fail more than one part of the comprehensive examination must wait until the next semester before they may re-take the examination. A subsequent failure will result in required remedial work and may delay graduation. After three failures, students will be withdrawn from the program and, therefore, be deemed ineligible for graduation.

Principal 30-Hour Cohort Certification & Master’s Plan
                    ELAS 6304 Internship in Educational Leadership 
                    ELAS 6310 Theoretical Foundations and Functions of Educational Administration 
                    ELAS 6311 Functions of Educational Administration
                    ELAS 6313 Ethics in Educational Administration
                    ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision
                    ELAS 6316 Instructional Leadership 
                    ELAS 6331 Education Law
                    ELAS 6332 Special Education Law
                    ELAS 6336 School Business Management
                    ELAS 6300 Selected Topics in Administration and Supervision


    Principal Certification and Master’s Degree Plan
    I. Major Requirements:
                  ELAS 6310 Theoretical Foundations and Functions of Educational Administration
                  ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision
                  ELAS 6316 Instructional Leadership
                  ELAS 6317 Managing Change for Diversity
                  ELAS 6331 Education Law
                  ELAS 6335 School Evaluation OR
                  ELAS 6343 Public Affairs and Community Relations

    Additional Work In Education
    II. Core Requirements: Any six hours:
                  CUIN 6321 Principles of Curriculum Development
                  CUIN 6322 Principles of Curriculum Organization
                  CUIN 6332 Education in a Multicultural Society
                  CUIN 6360 Foundations of Literacy Learning
                  FEDU 6321 Foundations of Educational Research
                  FEDU 6322 Foundations of Educational Measurement
                  FEDU 6331 Human Growth and Development
                  FEDU 6333 Principles of Human Learning
                  SPED 6321 Introduction to Special Education

III. Practicum (The candidate must be within 9 hours of completion prior to beginning practicum)
                  1. ELAS 6304 Internship in Educational Leadership
                  2. ELAS 6337 Functions of Mid-Management Administration
                  3. ELAS 6305 Practicum in Educational Leadership
                  4. ELAS 6336 School Business Management

Note: Certification as a school principal is included in the plan.

Additional Requirements for the Principal Certificate
1.     Hold a valid Texas teacher certificate.
2.     Masters degree.
3.     A minimum of two years of teaching experience in an accredited school.
4.     Admission to graduate study within the School of Education and Human Development must precede the
        completion of applicable course work.
5.     Completion of an approved administrative practicum experience.
6.     Completion of required course work designed to develop administrative competencies and comply with
        SBEC Learner Centered Proficiencies for the Principalship.
7.     Pass the TExES # 068


Additional Requirements for the Superintendent Certificate
1.    Hold a valid Principal Certificate.
2.    Complete 12 semester hours of course work to include 
            ELAS 6341 Personnel Management
            ELAS 6342 Educational Policy and Finance; 
            ELAS 6343 Public Affairs and Community Relations;
            ELAS 6345 Educational Facilities and Environment
3.    Complete the 6 semester hours of approved Superintendent’s practicum 
                       ELAS 6308 Practicum for the School Superintendency
            ELAS 6309 Practicum for the School Superintendency
4.    Pass the TExES # 195