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Each course is represented by four capital letters followed by a four-digit numeral (e.g., FINC 3311).

The letters form an abbreviation for the instructional area while the numeral is interpreted as follows:

First Digit: The first digit indicates academic level and provides information regarding restrictions as to undergraduate and/or graduate student enrollment:

1000 and 2000 series    -- undergraduate lower division
3000 and 4000 series    -- undergraduate upper division (normally for undergraduate students but with 
                                         advisor approval for graduate students).
6000 series                    -- graduate courses (for graduate students only except for undergraduates with    
                                         an approved mixed load petition).

Second Digit :  The second digit indicates the amount of credit awarded. For example, a course numbered 4331, carries three semester hours of credit.

Third and Fourth Digits:  The third and fourth digits are used to distinguish between courses within an instructional area.