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Course Load Status
The following table defines a student’s course load status by term and career.


 Term Career Minimum Semester Hour Requirement for Full-Time Status  Minimum Semester Hour Requirement for Half-Time Status 
Fall or Spring Term GR 9 5
UG & PB 12 6
5-Week Session GR 4 2
UG & PB 4 2
10-Week Session  GR 7 4
UG & PB 8 4


The course load of a student enrolled in both a 5-week summer session and 10-week summer session is computed by adding the semester hours for the 5-week term to one-half of those taken over 10 weeks and using that total under 5-week term in the table above. Certification of full-time equivalency by the dean is required if the graduate student is registered for less than these specified full-time loads.


Maximum Course Load

The following table defines the maximum course load in semester credit hours for which a student may enroll without approval of the dean of the student’s plan.


Career Fall or Spring Term 5-Week Session * 10-Week Session Entire Summer **
 Undergraduate 19# 7 13 13
 Undergraduate on Probation 13 7 13 13
 Graduate or Postbaccalaureate 15 6 12 12


* One-half of a student's enrollment in 10-week classes should be added to any 5-week enrollment to determine the total load for the 5-week term.

** Only the senior student who is graduating in August may complete a maximum of 15 semester hours for the entire summer with a maximum of 9 semester hours in one 5-week term.

# A student enrolled for 9 semester hours of student teaching may enroll for a maximum of 13 semester hours.