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2011-2012 Catalog

Secondary Education — 8 – 12
Teacher Certification Programs

Programs leading to the certification of teachers for grades 8-12 are offered in cooperation among the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration and Education. Candidates earn their academic degrees through the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Business Administration and obtain teacher certification through the School of Education and Human Development, Office of Teacher Education Records.

The following are requirements for degrees that incorporate the provision of teacher certification:

  1. Satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Management.
    1. For the Bachelor of Arts option, candidates can indicate a choice of plan as Humanities with either English or History or students may indicate a choice of Plan as Mathematical Science with Math.
    2. For the Bachelor of Science option, candidates indicate a choice of plan as either computer science or mathematics or Biology (Science certification).
    3. The Bachelor of Business Management applies to those electing to choose a plan in management and obtain a composite business certificate.
    4. All teacher certification candidates must have 9 semester hours of English, 6 of which must be in composition.
    5. Advising for content related courses is provided by School of Business or School of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Complete courses in fundamentals of speech and computer proficiency (not more than 5 years old), and complete a minimum of six hours of laboratory natural science courses for the B.B.A. or eight hours of laboratory natural science courses for the B.A. or B.S. degrees.
  3. Secure admission to teacher education through the School of Education and Human Development.
  4. Complete 24 hours of Professional of Development/Education courses:
    • CUIN 3323 Instructional Design
    • INDS 3323 Child Development and Its Application to Learning;
    • LITY 4364 Content Area Reading and Study Skills;
    • CUIN 4313 Secondary Teaching Strategies;
    • CUIN 3324 Effective Classroom Mgmt. & Assess. For Learning;


    • SEDU 4303, 4304 Secondary Student Teaching
    • SEDU 4308 Secondary School Education Professional Seminar.
  5. Satisfy requirements in one of the following teaching fields, consistent with the courses meeting new state standards.

Student Teaching and Professional Seminar (Prerequisites – Admission by Application to the Director of Field Experiences – application deadline for fall is March 1st, spring deadline is September 15th)

  • SEDU 4303 Secondary School Education Student Teaching
  • SEDU 4304 Secondary School Education Student Teaching
  • SEDU 4307 Secondary School Education Professional Seminar

Student Teaching Exemption and Professional Seminar
Student teaching exemptions are available only through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. State requirements of 122 hours still must be met even if you are exempt from student teaching.

NOTE: The following are guidelines. Please check with faculty advisors for verification.

Business Management/Business Education – 85 semester hours
Lower Division:

6 semester hours of accounting
3 semester hours of finite math
3 semester hours of calculus
3 semester hours of business/professional speech
6 semester hours of economics
3 semester hours of computer science

Upper Division:

ENGL 3430 Professional WritingACCT 3332 Financial Statement Analysiss
FINC 3311 Business Financee
COSC 3325 Information Systems in Organizationss
MGMT 3311 Principles of Managementt
MGMT 3312 Legal Environment of Businesss
MGMT 4314 Leadershipp
MGMT 4340 Strategic Managementt
MKTG 3311 Principles of Marketingg
MGMT 4322 Strategy and the Environment of Businesss
QMSC 3311 Statistics for Business and Economicss
QMSC 3321 Quantitative Decision Makingg
ECON 3315 Managerial Economics

Management Concentration Requirements:

MGMT 4320 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 4303 Entrepreneurship
MGMT 4311 Human Resource Management
MGMT 4316 International Management
MGMT 4325 Organizational Change
6 semester hours MGMT electives; 3 semester hours may be selected from MKTG electives, PSYC 3310 or HUMA 4322.

Computer Science – 57 semester hours
Lower Division:

6 semester hours of calculus
3 semester hours of C/C++ programming
3 semester hours from Fortran, Ada, Pascal, Java, or Advanced C/C++
(Advanced C/C++ recommended)

Upper Division:

COSC 3317 Object Oriented Programming and Design
COSC 3331 Data Structures and Algorithms I
COSC 3332 Computer Organization and Architecture
COSC 3333 Data Structures and Algorithms II
COSC 4331 Structure of Programming Languages
COSC 4336 Database Systems
COSC 4337 Operating Systems
COSC 4339 Telecommunication and Networks
COSC 4320 Software Engineering
COSC 4350 Information Security, Privacy & Ethics
9 s.h. of UD Computer Science, Math courses by advisement (excluding COSC 3325 and COSC 4305).

English, Language Arts, and Reading – 27 semester hours
Lower Division:

3 semester hours of British Literature

Upper Division:

6 semester hours taken from ENGL 3311Shakespeare
ENGL 3313 Poetry and Poetics
ENGL 3316 Narrative Fiction, and ENGL 3312 Grammar and Rhetoric
ENGL 3310 Introduction to the Study of Language
ENGL 3320 19th Century Literature, or ENGL 3321 20th Century American Literature
LITY 3320 Foundations of Reading Theories and Assessment
LITY 3340 Using Literature with Adolescents
LITY 4361Reading and Writing Workshop
LITY 4362 Workshop Approach to Reading and Writing Instruction
COMM 3325 Advanced Professional Speaking
COMM 4318 Mass Media Communication

History – 27 semester hours
Lower Division:

 6 semester hours of United States History
3 semester hours of Western Civilization
3 semester hours of Texas History
3 semester hours of World Geography
Upper Division: HIST 4313 Social History of the United States to 1865
HIST 4314 Social History of the United States Since 1865
HIST 4320 History of England to the 18th Century
HUMA 4314 Age of Enlightenment or HUMA 4315 Age of Revolution.

Mathematics – 24 semester hours
Lower Division:

6 semester hours of calculus

Upper Division:

MATH 3343 History of Mathematics
MATH 3357 Introduction to Higher Geometry
MATH 3361 Linear Algebra
MATH 3362 Discrete Structures
MATH 3391 Probability and Statistics
MATH 4310 Fundamental Concepts of Analysis

Science – 57 to 61 semester hours
Lower Division:

 6 semester hours of earth science
6 semester hours of chemistry
6 semester hours of physics or physical science
CHEM 2323 Organic Chemistry
BIO 1406 and 1407 General Biology for Science Plans
BIO 2420 Elementary Microbiology

Lower or Upper Division:

CHEM 2325 Organic Chemistry,
   or BIOL 4310 Biochemistry *

Upper Division:

BIOL 3320 Human Genetics
BIOL 3323 Comparative Anatomy, or BIOL 4333 Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 3330 Histology or BIOL 4320 Embryology
BIOL 3326 Plant Biology
BIOL 4337 Cell and Molecular Biology * or BIOL 4335 Ecology
BIOL 3340 Animal Behavior, or BIOL 3342 Social Biology
(*Student must have either BIOL 4237 or BIOL 4210 taken with corresponding lecture.)

Speech – 24 Semester hours
Lower Division:

SPCH 1315 Introduction to Public Speaking (should be taken with COMM 3325)

Upper Division:

COMM 3315 Leadership Communication
COMM 3318 Communication and Public Culture
COMM 3322 Writing for the Print Media OR COMM 3323 Writing for the Broadcast Media
COMM 3325 Advanced Professional Speaking (should be taken along with SPCH 1315)
COMM 4314 Intercultural Communication
COMM 4318 Mass Media Communication
COMM 4300 Special Topics: Debate