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2011-2012 Catalog

School of Nursing

Degree Requirements for the MSN/MBA (Master of Science in Nursing/Business Administration)

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The joint Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration program prepares professional nurses for leadership roles in nursing administration, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage healthcare organizations in a dynamic environment. Graduate study in nursing requires the acquisition and systematic application of knowledge and skills in nursing practice, evidence based practice, and nursing role. Advance critical thinking skills in nursing are enhanced through the study of theory and research. Graduate study in business offers an integrated curriculum that blends theoretical concepts with practical applications.

Program Objectives:

  • Assume advanced leadership roles in a variety of health care settings, applying leadership roles in a variety of health care settings, applying leadership skills to work effectively with individuals and teams in organizational situations.
  • Exemplify ethical, legal, and professional standards for advanced nursing practice.
  • Integrate advanced knowledge of nursing and related disciplines in the role of administrator
  • Analyze business operations and processes.
  • Analyze changes in the organization’s environment to develop strategies that respond to emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Apply cross-functional approaches to organizational issues.
  • Participate in research and other scholarly activities to expand nursing knowledge.
  • Work effectively in interdisciplinary relationships or partners to promote, maintain and restore the health of clients; improve health care delivery systems; and shape heath policy.

The following courses are required for attaining the Master of Science in Nursing Degree.


  • NURS 6301 Nursing Research and Advanced Inquiry
  • NURS 6306 Professional Role, Policy and Ethics
  • NURS 6307 Nursing Theory
  • NURS 6351 Evidence-Based Practice Project
  • NURS 6309 Advanced Leadership and Management
  • NURS 6316 Healthcare Organizational Behavior (Cross-listed as MGT 6351)
  • NURS 6317 Human Resource Management in Healthcare (Cross-listed as MGT 6374)
  • NURS 6318 Healthcare Delivery Systems and Organization
  • NURS 6320 Healthcare Informatics
  • NURS 6321 Leadership Practicum
  • ACCT 6351 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • BUSI 6351 Business and Society
  • ECON 6351 Economics for Managers
  • FINC 6352* Financial Management
  • MGMT 6355* Operations Management: Creating Competitive Advantages
  • MGMT 6359 Seminar in Strategic Management
  • MKTG 6352 Strategic Marketing Management


  • ACCT 6352 Strategic Cost Management
  • ECON 6361 Managerial Economics
  • MGMT 6353 Management of Diversity
  • MGMT 6375 Seminar in Employment Law
  • MKTG 6374 Seminar in Services Marketing

* MSN/MBA students must complete NURS 6301 prior to enrolling in FINC 6352 or MGMT 6355. Enrollment in all other course work listed requires fulfillment of published prerequisites.

MSN/MBA students are expected to:

  1. Be familiar with the mission of this program and to comply with the expectations of them outlined in this catalog, new student orientation, and student handbook.
  2. Maintain high standards of academic honesty and ethical behavior as outlined in course syllabi..
  3. Ensure that degree plan requirements are understood and contact advisor promptly to resolve any questions regarding enrollment..
  4. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 throughout the program, and receive no more than two Cs in MSN courses.
  5. Ensure contact information such as address and e-mail address is kept current in their MyUHV self service account..
  6. Comply with registration deadlines, financial aid deadlines, and tuition and fees deadlines..
  7. Apply for graduation by the published deadline for the semester in which they will complete degree requirements..
  8. Visit the School of Nursing web page (www.uhv.edu/nursing) regularly for important updates and to obtain information on course textbooks..

Requirements for Graduate Admission

Applicants to this program will be required to meet admissions standards sufficient to establish their likelihood of success in both graduate nursing and graduate business courses. Admission requirements include:

  1. A completed application for graduate admission which includes the graduate action form found on the ADMISSIONS web page of the university web site. (www.uhv.edu/oar)..
  2. Completion of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an institution accredited by one of the six recognized regional accrediting associations as described in the ADMISSIONS section of the university catalog..
  3. Official transcripts reflecting AT LEAST the last 60 hours of coursework completed AND the baccalaureate (or higher) degree conferred, sent directly from each institution to UH-Victoria..
  4. A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on at least the last 60 semester credit hours you have attempted at the college and/or university level..
  5. Graduate Records Examination (GRE), students would need a score of 292 or higher, OR.
  6. A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 450 or higher (verbal and quantitative sections combined), and an Analytic Writing score of 4 or above..
  7. Completion of the Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT) with a minimum score of 15 or above..
  8. Applicants to the MSN/MBA program must provide evidence of current RN Texas licensure and current CPR certification..
  9. Applicants to the MSN/MBA program must provide a short essay which includes career goals and expectations for the desired program of study..
  10. Applicants to the MSN/MBA program must provide two letters of recommendation..

Clinical Readiness Policy

Qualified applicants to the MSN/MBA program must provide evidence of completion of Texas minimum State vaccine immunization requirements:

  1. Two-step TB skin test within one year.
  2. Tetanus-diptheria toxoid (Td) within the last 10 years.
  3. Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccinations(s.
  4. Seasonal Influenza.
  5. Varicella vaccination(s)* Varicella immunity must be confirmed by one of three ways:
    1. a signed provider note verifying that the student was diagnosed with Varicella.
    2. a blood titer indicating immunity.
    3. verification of receipt of the Varicella immunization
  6. Three-injection hepatitis B vaccination series or serologic confirmation of immunity to hepatitis B virus.

Transfer of Graduate Credit

Credit may be transferred only for graduate credit courses completed with a grade of A or B. The transfer student must complete 75% of the coursework required for a degree program at UHV unless transferring from a UH System institution. In the latter case, the student must complete 50% at UHV. It is the student's responsibility to provide course description and course syllabi for consideration.

Approval of transfer credit toward the MSN/MBA degree is by the appropriate academic advisor of the student's plan and school dean of the student's plan.