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2011-2012 Catalog

Student Teaching Application

Student teaching requires daily participation in the activities of an assigned accredited school. Elementary Education student teaching (ESED 4303, 4304, 4307- Professional Seminar) or Middle School Education student teaching (MSED 4303, 4304, 4307-Professional Seminar) requires an assignment of 60 school days.

Secondary student teaching (SEDU 4303, 4304, SEDU 4308 Secondary Education Professional Seminar) requires an assignment of 60 school days.

Candidates may request the district in which they choose to complete their student teaching. Although every effort will be made to honor requests, candidates should be aware that the University cannot guarantee placements. Candidates may not request specific schools or cooperating teachers.

Announcements of application periods are normally made in prerequisite education courses and posted on campus bulletin boards.

The online student teaching application found at http://www2.uhv.edu/OST/CI/Student_Teaching_Application.pdf must be completed and submitted by March 1 for placement during the subsequent fall semester, and by September 15 for placement during the spring semester. Applications will be accepted for one (1) month after due date if accompanied by the $100 Late Fee. After April 1 or October 15, absolutely no applications will be accepted. These application dates apply to guest student teachers and VOICE student teachers.

After the online application is verified, the candidate is placed into the appropriate online student teaching course. Candidates should monitor their home page for access to this course to complete additional student teaching placement processes.

Specific Certification Requirements

Specific requirements and/or procedures are as follows:

MIDDLE SCHOOL EDUCATION (Grades 4-8 Generalist)

  1. Complete all requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Plan.
  2. Pass appropriate TExES exams.
  3. Apply for teaching certificate.
  4. Candidates already holding a bachelors degree should request a certification plan.


A candidate interested in having a specialization in Special Education has two options:

  1. Complete the EC-6 Generalist plan, -or- Complete the 4-8 Generalist plan,
  2. And take:
    SPED 3322 Exceptional Children Assessment and Programming
    SPED 4323 Exceptional Children: Modification, Methods and Materials
    SPED 4324 Exceptional Children: Behavior Management
    SPED 4305 Practicum in Special Education


* SPED 4304 (Student Teaching :Exceptional Children) will replace ESED 4304 Early School OR
MSED 4304 Middle School Student Teaching

(Candidates already holding a bachelors degree should request a certification plan. See “POSTBACCALAUREATE” information to follow.


  1. Complete the EC-6 Generalist plan, -or- Complete the 4-8 Generalist plan.
  2. Complete the following courses:
    ENGL 3310 Introduction to the Study of Language
    LANG 4310 Language and Reading
    CUIN 4310 Teaching Diverse Populations
    CUIN 4320 Teaching English as a Second Language
    Student teaching is required in English as a Second Language, CUIN 4303.
  3. Pass the TExES test #154.


The candidate must to be certified under standards mandated by the State Texas Education Agency as follows:

  1. Completion of the courses which fulfill the standards in one of the following teaching fields: Business Management; Computer Science; English, Language Arts, Reading; History; Mathematics; Science.
  2. Completion of all degree requirements for an academic degree incorporating one of the areas above.
  3. Completion of professional development courses as follows:
    CUIN 3323 Instructional Design
    CUIN 4313 Secondary Teaching Strategies
    LITY 4364 Content Area Reading and Study Skills
    INDS 3323 Child Development and Its Application To Learning
    SEDU 4303/4304 Secondary School Student Teaching
    SEDU 4308 Secondary School Education Professional Seminar
    CUIN 3324 Effective Classroom Mgmt. & Assess. For Learning
  4. Pass TExES in Professional Development and appropriate secondary field TExES.
  5. Apply for teaching certificate.
  6. Students already holding a bachelors degree should request a certification plan.