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The undergraduate student career  is based on the total number of semester hours earned at UH-Victoria and accepted in transfer from other colleges and universities, regardless of whether or not the courses involved are applicable to the student’s program or plan.

Students are expected to complete all lower-division course requirements prior to reaching senior status.

0-29 semester hours
30-59 semester hours 
60-89 semester hours
90 or more semester hours 

The postbaccalaureate classification in the undergraduate career describes a student who has a degree but who is not enrolled in a formal graduate degree program. This classification accommodates students who are: 1) awaiting admission to a graduate program; 2) seeking an additional baccalaureate degree; and 3) taking courses with no degree objective. A postbaccalaureate student may not receive graduate degree credit for courses completed while in this classification but may petition for graduate degree credit after admission to a graduate program as described in the ADMISSIONS section of this catalog.

The temporary graduate student has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution but is not enrolled in a graduate program.  The temporary classification in the graduate career allows a student who intends to enroll in a graduate program to take up to 12 credit hours of graduate work before being formally admitted to the graduate program.

The graduate career denotes the student who is formally admitted to a graduate program.