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New students who are enrolling for the first time in courses at UHV will be issued a Higher One Jaguar Card. The Jaguar Card is the official UHV student ID. The card also functions as the Library Card for all UHV students in Victoria. Additionally, once activated, the Jaguar Card will allow you to select the disbursement method of your choice for refunds, financial aid, and book loan proceeds.
You will need this card for your duration at UHV. The card is valuable and you should report any lost or recovered cards to the Bursar’s Office immediately by. For more information about the Jaguar Card, please see the FAQs posted on the web at:
 http://www.uhv.edu/student_solutions/jaguarcard/jaguarcardfaq.pdf  or call 1-800-987-3738.

For students at UH System at Cinco Ranch and UH System at Sugar Land, replacement ID cards may be requested at the Front Desk, and Picture IDs can be made in Suite GB 119. Replacement of a lost ID card is $5.00.  The student ID card is used as a means of identification on and off campus.  Anyone losing or finding an ID card should go to the lost and found located in Suite 133 of the University West Building on the Victoria campus, or the Academic Support Offices at the UH System at Cinco Ranch.  Students at the UH System at Sugar Land should go to the Campus Security Office.