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Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree | Master's Degree | Thesis

All candidates for a bachelor’s degree at UH-Victoria must meet the following outline of minimal requirements. Additional requirements may be imposed by the individual academic school.*
  1. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of work, unless enrolled in a plan that requires additional hours.* With exception to the RN to BSN program, at least 54 of the 120 semester hours are to be advanced, according to the requirements of the respective degree plans, and at least 18 of these 54 advanced semester hours must be in the student’s plan. The RN to BSN program requires at least 31 of the minimum 122 semester hours to be advanced. Any change or substitution must have the approval of the appropriate dean or with the advice and consent of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  2. Core Curriculum for Students First Entering College before Fall 1999:

    The following core requirements continue to apply to students who first entered college before fall 1999 and who have been continuously enrolled. Students must complete a minimum of 42 semester hours in the core curriculum, 28 of which are prescribed and the balance of which are electives to be taken from designated areas.* These 42 semester hours must be divided as follows:
    1. University Core Requirements:
      Nine semester hours in English at the lower division level (a minimum of three semester hours in composition and three semester hours in literature).
      Six semester hours in political science at the lower division level (federal and state government or equivalent).
      Six semester hours in United States history at the lower division level (three semester hours of Texas history may be applied toward this requirement).
      Three semester hours of college algebra or the equivalent, as determined by the plan program.
      Four semester hours of an upper level course in advanced writing and research.

    2. Core Distribution Electives: Each degree program must include at least 12 semester hours of electives selected from the following disciplines:

Anthropology Languages
Art Mathematics
Biology Music
Chemistry Philosophy
Computer Science Physics
Drama Political Science
Economics Psychology
English Sociology
Geography Speech
Geology Statistics

Certain courses are never applicable toward the core distribution elective requirements. These courses are identified by a dagger symbol in the course description section of the catalog.

*Each student should always refer to the appropriate school section of this catalog for complete requirements and total number of hours prescribed for a specific degree and plan.
  1. Core Curriculum for Students First Entering College in Fall 1999 or after:

Courses: Semester Credit Hours:
010 - English Composition 6
020 - Mathematics (College Algebra or equivalent) 3
030 - Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or Bio/Physical Science) 6
040- Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Modern or Classical Language/Literature, or Cultural Studies) 3
050-Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music, Dance Photography, or any other course in the Visual or Performing Arts) 3
060-U.S. History 6
070-Political Science (Federal and State Government) 6
080-Social/Behavioral Science (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology) 3
090-Speech 3
090-Computer Literacy/Proficiency 3

Please Note: A student who has completed the core curriculum at another Texas public institution will have satisfied the core curriculum requirements for UHV. New core curriculum requirements may result in future changes to plan field of study requirements as currently described. Changes would affect only students first entering college in fall 1999 or later and would be represented on degree plans for those students.

  1. Other Requirements
  1. A 2.0 grade point average is the minimum permitted for graduation, as applied to credit hours attempted at this institution. Students are therefore expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Averages below that number may result in probation and suspension, as specified in the section entitled 'Academic Probation or Suspension'. Effective Fall 2010, a students’ cumulative grade point average is based upon all courses taken at UH-Victoria, including repeated courses, for which grade point values are assigned. Any grade of I not made up by the date of graduation will be treated as an F for determination of graduation requirements.

  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (A=4.0) is required for all hours attempted in the plan at this institution. Grades for repeated courses are computed as in IIIA above. Students in the School of Business Administration cannot accumulate more than two D’s in the business plan. Any grade of I not made up by the date of graduation will be treated as an F for determination of graduation requirements.

  3. 30 of the last 36 advanced semester hours must be completed with UH-Victoria. These residence hours are not to include correspondence work. The following regulations are in effect:
    • Maximum correspondence credit applicable to the degree is 18 semester hours, with no more than six applicable toward the plan.
    • Complete a minimum of six semester hours of advanced work in the plan field in residence at this university.

  4. In addition to these general requirements, the candidate for graduation must meet all special degree requirements outlined by the appropriate academic program of the student’s plan.

  5. Students must be clear from academic probation at the time of graduation.

  6. In addition to other graduation requirements, students in teacher education programs must meet all requirements for admission to and retention in the teacher education program.

Additional Plans
Students may earn and receive credit for more than one plan. This provision is often referred to as a “double major”, consisting of a first plan and an additional plan or, in rare instances, more than one. The following conditions apply:

  • The plans must ordinarily fall under the same degree heading (e.g., B.S.). Otherwise, the conditions for an additional bachelor’s degree apply.

  • Only one plan will be used for institutional data reports, whichever one the student indicates as the primary plan.

  • All plans completed will be represented on the student’s official transcript.

  • As long as a student is continuously enrolled, excluding summers, a student can complete another plan without being subject to an additional 30 hour requirement.

Additional Bachelor’s Degree
The fact that a student has a bachelor’s degree from UH-Victoria or from another recognized institution, does not preclude receiving an additional bachelor’s degree from UH-Victoria. Before being awarded a second bachelor’s degree, the student must have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours beyond those required for the first degree. For each subsequent bachelor’s degree, the student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in addition to those earned toward previous degrees.

The general and specific requirements for each degree must be met. The student must have 30 semester hours of residence credit earned at UH-Victoria for each degree awarded the student by the university.

As long as a student is continuously enrolled, excluding summers, a student can complete another plan without being subject to an additional 30 hour requirement.