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2011-2012 Catalog

School of Business Administration

Degree Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)


The BBA program prepares graduates for professional positions in business. Such an education produces graduates who:

  • Comprehend the business environment and functions.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Demonstrate computer usage skills.
  • Employ ethical principles in business situations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively on teams in organizational situations.

The following requirements apply to all candidates for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with concentrations in accounting, finance, healthcare administration, management, marketing and general business.

  1. Students must satisfy all university requirements for a bachelor’s degree as found in the section UNIVERSITY DEGREE REQUIREMENTS of this catalog.
  2. Fifty percent of upper-level course work in all business concentrations must be taken from UHV. Students can accumulate no more than two D’s in the business plan. Undergraduate credit earned more than seven years prior to admission to undergraduate study at UHV may not be counted unless approval is granted by the Dean. It is the prerogative of the Dean to determine (1) whether the courses meet current standards of the discipline, and (2) whether students demonstrate sufficient retention of the content to apply it.
  3. Lower Division
    1. A combined total of 6 semester hours in natural sciences
    2. 3 semester hours of mathematics in addition to university core requirement. Must complete MATH 1324 Finite Math, and MATH 1325A Elements of Calculus for Business.
    3. 6 semester hours of economics (micro and macro).
    4. 6 semester hours of principles of accounting.
    5. 3 semester hours of business/professional speech.
  4. Lower or Upper Division:
    1. 3 semester hours of principles of computing.
    2. Free electives to complete 120 s.h. minimum degree requirement. Credit in this category will not exceed 5 hours.
  5. 5. Upper Division: 40 semester hours of a common business core (Professional Writing, Statistics for Business & Economics, Information Systems in Organizations, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Legal Environment of Business, Business Finance, Quantitative Decision Making, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Economics, Strategy and the Business Environment, Leadership, and Strategic Management.)
  6. Capstone Course: All BBA students must complete MGMT 4340 – Strategic Management toward the end of their program. The course is only offered in the fall and spring; credit for the course may not be transferred from another institution. Students may not register for the course until they meet prerequisites as described in their catalog.
  7. Comprehensive Exam: Exam covering the content of the BBA core classes. The exam is offered to students enrolled in MGMT 4340. Students may choose to take the exam at one of the arranged testing sites, or will need to make suitable proctoring arrangements.
  8. BBA Conference: All BBA students must participate in the BBA Conference during the semester in which they enroll in MGMT 4340. The conference is held each fall and spring and requires face-to-face attendance. BBA students should check the schedule (available online at www.uhv.edu/bus) prior to registration to avoid conflicts.
  9. BBA students are expected to
    1. Be familiar with the mission and values of the program and to comply with the expectations of them outlined in this catalog, their new student orientation, and their course syllabi.
    2. Maintain high standards of academic honesty and ethical behavior as outlined on course syllabi each semester
    3. Track their progress on their degree programs and contact their advisors promptly to resolve questions about their enrollment.
    4. Verify that they have the appropriate prerequisites for their courses each semester.
    5. Apply for graduation by the published deadline for the semester in which they will complete degree requirements.
    6. Ensure that the School of Business Administration has current contact information for them at all times, and visit the school’s web page (www.uhv.edu/bus) regularly for important updates as well as to obtain information on course textbooks and syllabi prior to each semester.

Accounting concentration:

Requirements: 21 semester hours composed of 3 semester hours of cost accounting, 6 semester hours of intermediate accounting, 3 semester hours of tax accounting, 3 semester hours of auditing, 3 semester hours of accounting information systems, and 3 semester hours of advanced financial accounting. The seven required courses are

ACCT 3311-Costs and Budgets
ACCT 3312-Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3313-Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 4311-Principles of Federal Income Taxation
ACCT 4321-Auditing
ACCT 4320-Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 4331-Advanced Accounting

Finance concentration:
Requirements: 18 semester hours composed of 12 semester hours of required finance courses and 6 semester hours of finance electives. The four required courses are:

FINC 3321-Capital Markets
FINC 4320-Investment Principles
FINC 4352-Intermediate Financial Management
FINC 4369-Cases in Finance

Electives: 6 semester hours selected from the following courses:

FINC 4353-Portfolio Management and Security Analysis
FINC 4325-International Finance
FINC 4354-Risk Management
FINC 4355-Real Estate Finance
FINC 4356-Emerging Equity Markets
FINC 4358-Fixed Income Analysis

General Business concentration:

Requirements: 21 semester hours of business courses (beyond the core requirements) from at least three of the following areas:

Healthcare Administration
International Business

No more than 9 hours may be taken in any one area. All 21 semester hours must be designated as upper-division courses.

Healthcare Administration concentration:

Requirements: 18 semester hours composed of 3 semester hours of human resource management, 3 semester hours of organizational change, 3 semester hours of quality assessment for patient care improvement or healthcare delivery systems and organization, 3 semester hours of healthcare information systems management or healthcare informatics, 3 semester hours of economics of healthcare or healthcare finance, and 3 semester hours strategic healthcare management and planning or professional role, policy and ethics. The six required courses are:

HCAD 4353-Human Resource Management
HCAD 4355-Organizational Change
HCAD 4351-Quality Assessment for Patient Care Improvement
    or HCAD 4361-Healthcare Delivery Systems and Organization
HCAD 4352-Healthcare Information Systems Management
    or HCAD 4362-Healthcare Informatics
HCAD 4354-Economics of Healthcare
     or HCAD 4364-Healthcare Finance
HCAD 4356-Strategic Healthcare Management & Planning
    or HCAD 4366-Professional Role, Policy and Ethics

Management concentration:
Requirements: 21 semester hours composed of 15 semester hours of required management courses and 6 semester hours of management electives. The five required courses are

MGMT 4320-Organizational Behavior
MGMT 4303-Entrepreneurship
MGMT 4311-Human Resources Management
MGMT 4316-International Management
MGMT 4325-Organizational Change

Electives: 6 semester hours selected from the following courses. (No more than 3 semester hours may be selected outside of management.)

MGMT 4300-Selected Topics
MGMT 4304-Entrepreneurship Field Studies
MGMT 4312-Staffing
MGMT 4313-Compensation
MGMT 4315-Contemporary Issues in Management
MGMT 4318-Organizational Theory and Development
MGMT 4335-Project Management
Any Marketing course (except MKTG 3311)
Courses in areas related to management or marketing (PSYC 3310, HUMA 4322)

Marketing concentration:
Requirements: 21 semester hours composed of 9 semester hours of required marketing courses and 12 semester hours of marketing electives. The three required courses are:

MKTG 4311-Buyer Behavior
MKTG 4313-Marketing Research
MKTG 4340-Marketing Management

Electives-12 semester hours selected from the following courses:

MKTG 3321-Selling and Sales Management
MKTG 4312-Promotion Management
MKTG 4315-Business-to-Business Marketing
MKTG 4316-Electronic Marketing
MKTG 4317-Services Marketing
MKTG 4321-Retailing Management
MKTG 4325-International Marketing

The previous degree information is summarized in the following table:

Business Administration Plan Concentrations in Accounting, Management, Marketing, General Business, Healthcare Administration, Finance

English Composition 6 6
Humanities 3 3
Political Science 6 6
U.S. History 6 6
Natural Sciences 6-8 6-8
Finite Math or higher 3 3
Social/Behavioral Science 3 3
Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, or Music) 3 3
SPCH 1321 or 1315 3 3
Computer Literacy (Principles of Computing) 3 3
A. Business Core
Elements of Calculus for Business 3 3
Accounting (Principles) 6-8 6-8
Economics (Macro/Micro) 6 6
MGMT 3311 Principles of Management 3 3
MKTG 3311 Principles of Marketing 3 3
QMSC 3311 Statistics for Business and Economics 3 3
ENGL 3430 Professional Writing 4 4
COSC 3325 Information Systems in Organizations 3 3
ECON 3315 Managerial Economics 3 3
FINC 3311 Business Finance 3 3
MGMT 3312 Legal Environment of Business 3 3
QMSC 3321 Quantitative Decision Making 3 3
MGMT 4322 Strategy and the Business Environment 3 3
ACCT 3332 Financial Statement Analysis 3 3
MGMT 4314 Leadership 3 3
MGMT 4340 Strategic Management 3 3
B. Academic Concentration (Choose One)
Accounting * 21 21
Finance* 18 18
General Business* 21 21
Healthcare Administration* 18 18
Management * 21 21
Marketing * 21 21
Free electives outside the School of Business as needed
to satisfy the 120 semester hour minimum
(may be LD or UD)
0-5 0-5
TOTALS 54-61 8-61 **120

* Footnote Descriptions:
Accounting 3311, 3312, 3313, 4311, 4320, 4321, and 4331.
Management 4311, 4325, 4303, 4316, 4320, and six hours of management electives by advisement.
Marketing 4311, 4313, 4340, and twelve hours of marketing electives by advisement.
Finance 3321, 4320, 4352, 4369, and six hours of finance electives by advisement.
Healthcare Administration 4353, 4355, 4351 or 4361, 4352 or 4362, 4354 or 4364, and 4356 or 4366.
General Business 21 semester hours business electives chosen from ACCT, FINC, HCAD, IBUS, MGMT, MKTG. (No more than 9 hours in one area.)
** Minimum of 120 s.h.


Students may earn a minor in Computer Information Systems by satisfying the following requirements. Students can use the minor for added credibility of their technology savvy, and as a vehicle to acquire the necessary technology skills and knowledge for successful careers in business and society.

  1. Required courses. COSC 3317 Object Oriented Programming and Design, COSC 3315 Application Design using GUI and Database, COSC 4336 Database Systems, COSC 4339 Telecommunication and Networks, and COSC 4355 IT Service and Process Management are required – 15 semester hours.
  2. Electives. Six hours upper-level COSC electives excluding COSC 4305 – 6 semester hours.
  3. Lower Division Computer Literacy. In place of the lower division Computer Literacy course required of all Business majors, students who choose to minor in Computer Information Systems must take COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I, or another lower-division course in object oriented programming. There is no other change in lower division requirement from what is expected of all Business majors.
  4. Degree Plan. Students should inform their academic advisors or the degree plan counselor when they begin their degree plan that they plan to complete a minor so that appropriate coursework can be completed.

Requirements for Undergraduate Admission

Applicants to the BBA program must meet all requirements for undergraduate admission as outlined in the Admissions section of this catalog.