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UHV does not automatically award a degree when you complete your scholastic requirements. To be considered as a candidate for a degree, you must submit an application for graduation through the Student Self-Service system .  You can  file an application either during the term prior to, or during the semester in which you plan to graduate. However, participation in the commencement ceremony is limited to the term in which degree requirements will be completed.  If you applied for graduation in any past term but were disapproved, you must re-file an application for graduation.

The deadlines to apply for graduation during the 2011-2012 academic year are as follows:

Fall 2011 graduates: Friday, September, 16, 2011
Spring 2012 graduates: Friday, February, 11, 2012
Summer 2012 graduates: Friday, June, 15, 2012

There are typically two commencement ceremonies per year, one for Spring typically held in Victoria, and one for Fall typically held in Katy.  At the present time, Summer term graduates participate during the Fall ceremony. You should contact The Victoria College Bookstore to obtain information on caps, gowns, rings, and invitations.

You must be on track to complete all requirements toward your degree in the term for which you plan to participate in commencement.  If all requirements for graduation cannot be met during the current term, you may be denied participation in the commencement ceremony.  For information concerning eligibility to participate in one of the ceremonies, please contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Records, 361-570-4110 or 1-877-970-4848, ext. 4110.

Posthumous Degrees
In accordance with established procedures, which are available from the Registrar, the University of Houston-Victoria may award posthumous degrees on request.


Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist with developing the degree plan and are available to assist with selecting courses each term but are not responsible for checking to see that students have met the requirements. Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements specified in their catalog and degree plan. Students may apply for graduation one term prior to their intended graduation date, however participation in the commencement ceremony is limited to the student’s intended graduation date. The application will trigger a detailed review, revealing any requirements left to complete.


Graduate Assistants

Statute: Section 54.063 A teaching assistant or research assistant of any institution of higher education and the spouse and children of such a teaching assistant or research assistant are entitled to register in a state institution of higher education by paying the tuition fees and other fees or charges required for Texas residents under Section 54.051 of this code, without regard to the length of time the assistant has resided in Texas, if the assistant is employed at least one-half time in a teaching or research assistant position which relates to the assistant’s degree program under rules and regulations established by the employer institution.

Graduate assistants employed at least half time by any public institution of higher education in a degree program-related position, with an effective date of employment on or before the official census date, of the relevant term(s), may pay the same tuition while attending the employing institution as a resident of Texas for themselves, their spouses, and their dependent children, regardless of the length of residence in the state. The institution which employs the students shall determine whether or not the students’ jobs relate to their degree programs. This provision applies to eligible graduate assistants and their dependents no matter which Texas public institution of higher education they may attend. It is the intent of this rule that employment be for the duration of the period of enrollment for which a waiver is awarded.

Graduate assistantships are awarded only to graduate students and must be approved by the appropriate academic school. The work involved must be relevant to the recipient’s degree program and of value to the university. Assistantships are ordinarily provided by the academic schools but may also be provided by other administrative units, so long as the assistantship meets the above criteria and is approved in writing by the dean of the appropriate school.