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2011-2012 Catalog

School of Arts and Sciences

Plans and Degrees Offered

The programs of the School of Arts and Sciences consist of the following plans and academic concentrations within each plan as depicted in the following table.

Secondary Teacher Certificate:
Students seeking secondary teacher certification in biology, computer science, English, history, or mathematics should refer to the certification requirements listed in the School of Education and Human Development section of this catalog.

School of Arts and Sciences, Plans and Degrees Offered:

Applied Arts and Sciences B.A.A.S. Biology, Biotechnology, Communication, Computer Information Systems, Digital Gaming
and Simulation, General Business, Leadership and Enterprise Studies, Legal Assistance and
Administration, Marketing, Network and Security, Psychology, Web and Media
Biology** B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration (available with any graduate plan)
Communication B.A. / B.S.
Communication Design B.A.
Computer Information Systems M.S.
Computer Science** B.S. Computer Science
Digital Gaming and Simulation
Information Systems
Criminal Justice B.S.
Humanities** B.A. English
Interdisciplinary Studies M.A.I.S. Bioinformatics, Biomedical Science, Business,
Communication, Computer Science, Criminal
Justice, Education, English, Film, Forensic Science, History, Homeland and International Security, Mathematics, Psychology, Publishing, Religion
Mathematical Sciences** B.A. / B.S. Mathematics
Psychology B.A. / B.S.
Psychology M.A. Counseling Psychology
School Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Publishing M.S.
Publishing Certificate Graduate-level Certificate
Spanish Certificate Spanish for Professionals Certificate (available with any plan)

Degree in Three(Dn3)
The UHV Degree in Three (Dn3) program allows you to earn a complete bachelor's degree in just three years through a structured program that requires summer classes only during the first year. Dn3 is offered in the following degrees: communication, criminal justice, English, history, or psychology. The program also offers international travel as part of the standard curriculum.