UHV Catalog 2007-2008

Academic Calendar
  Fall Semester 2007
Spring Semester 2008
First Summer Term 2008
Second Summer Term 2008

Academic Center

Academic Policies
  Student Classification
  Course Load
  Grading System
  Dean's List
  Drops & Withdrawals
  Graduation Under a Particular Catalog
  Degree Plan
  Application for Graduation

Academic Schools
  School of Arts & Sciences
  School of Business Administration
  School of Education & Human Dev.
  School of Nursing

Admissions & Records
  How to Apply
  Majors & Major Codes
  Undergraduate Admission
  Requirements for Admission
  International Student Admission
  Postbaccalaureate Admission
  Temporary Graduate Admission
  Graduate Admission
  Transfer of Undergraduate Credits
  Transfer of Graduate Credits

American Book Review

Billing & Financial Information
  Tuition & Fees
  Policy on Financial Responsibility
  Returned Checks
  Auditing a Course
  Tuition & Fee - Waivers & Exemptions

Campus Map

Career Planning & Placement
  Student & Alumni Services
  Employer Services

Common Courses

Course Descriptions
  Instructional Area
  Course Numbering System
  Course Punctuation

Degree Requirements
  Bachelor's Degree
  Master's Degree

Directory (Telephone/Fax/Web)

Financial Aid
  Awarding Process
  Vocational Rehabilitation
  Veterans' Benefits
  Satisfactory Academic Progress

Information Technology
  I.T. Services
  Instructional Television (ITV)

International Programs and Special Projects

Learning Technologies and Design


Registration & Records
  Registration Information
  Student Records

Residence Status

Student Services
  Identification Cards
  Personal Counseling
  Student Handbook
  Student Health Insurance
  Student Organizations
  Student Travel

University & Its Organization
  UH System Board of Regents & Admin
  UHV Administration
  Academic School Deans
  President's Advisory Council
  2007-2008 Faculty Roster
  Academic Support Units
  General Information
  Outreach & Partnerships