UHV Catalog 2007-2008

Billing and Financial Information

Bursar Office
University West, Suite 114
3007 N. Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901-5731
Telephone: 361-570-4813        FAX: 361-570-4872
Email: billing@uhv.edu

Tuition and Fees

Policies governing the payment or refund of tuition, fees, and other charges are approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Houston System and comply with applicable state statutes.  Tuition and fees are subject to change by university or legislative action and become effective on the date enacted.  For clarification of any matter relating to the payment or refund of charges, a student should contact the Bursar´s Office. 

Method of Payment

Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, cashier´s check, or credit card.  Payment may be made in person (Victoria location only) or by mail.  Credit card payments (MasterCard & Visa) must be made over the web via UHV´s Student e-services (www.uhv.edu).  Please remember that mailed payments must be received by the published payment deadline to avoid registration cancellation or late fees. 

No payments are accepted at the Sugar Land or Cinco Ranch locations.

Payment Options

Students shall be provided two alternative methods of payment of tuition and mandatory fees.  Summer and intrasession terms require payment in full prior to the beginning of the term.  There are no installment options available for these terms.         

Full payment of tuition and mandatory fees prior to the beginning of the term; or

Installment Pay Plan (available Fall/Spring terms only):  Students must select the installment pay plan option online AND make the first payment by the published payment deadline.  Registration is subject to cancellation if the first installment payment is not posted by the published payment deadline.  A $20 nonrefundable service charge is assessed to students who choose to use the installment option.  A $12.50 late fee will be assessed for each installment payment (second and third payments) not received by the due date.  The installment plan is an option students must select each term.    

First payment :  Payment equal to one-half of total tuition and fees plus a $20 nonrefundable installment fee prior to the beginning of the term.   

Add/drop transactions may increase the total amount due.  If a class is added after the first installment payment is made, but before the second installment payment is due, you must go online and review your student account and pay any additional amount due before the published deadline to avoid registration cancellation. 

Second and third payments :  The payment amount is equal to one-quarter of the total amount due.  The second payment is due prior to the sixth week of classes, the third, prior to the eleventh week of class.  Payment deadlines are published online.

A student who withdraws from the University during the no refund point is responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees and must continue to make installment payments as scheduled.  Students who fail to make full payment on time, including any late fees, may be subject to one or more of the following actions:  1) financial stop on student's record preventing registration to any UH campus; 2) withholding of grades, degree, and official transcripts; 3) all penalties and actions authorized by law.    

Tuition and Fee Loans

The emergency tuition and fee loan is available as an option at fee payment time. Students apply for a tuition loan online. Tuition loans cover 100% of tuition and required fees for a maximum term of 90 days in the Fall and Spring and 30 days for the Summer. The loan proceeds are applied directly to the students account to cover current charges and will ensure classes are not dropped for nonpayment. A loan origination fee is applicable for Institutional loans and is calculated as 1.25% of the loan amount. Only one tuition loan per student per term will be issued.

Book Loans

Book loans are available to help students pay for books and supplies.  Students are eligible for a book loan if they have paid tuition in full, paid with a tuition loan, or paid the first installment.  Book loans may be requested online.  Book loans are disbursed to students in the form of a check and mailed to the student´s address of record.  The book loan amount is calculated as $35 per semester credit hours up to a maximum of $630.  Loan duration is generally 30-60 days.  Only one book loan per student per term will be issued. 

Tuition and Fees *

  • Undergraduate Tuition — Texas Resident: Tuition for resident undergraduate courses is $128.50 per semester credit hour.
  • Graduate Tuition—Texas Resident: Tuition for resident graduate courses is  $189.50 per semester credit hour.
  • Undergraduate Tuition—Non-Resident/International: Tuition for undergraduate students who are non-Texas residents and citizens of any country other than the United States is $406.50 per semester credit hour.
  • Graduate Tuition—Non-Resident/International: Tuition for graduate students who are non-Texas residents and citizens of any country other than the United States is $417.50 per semester credit hour.

  • Student Service Fee:   $16.50 per semester credit hour/maximum $150. A compulsory fee charged all students that provides funding for student service activities that are apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions. The fee defrays the costs of transcripts, graduation applications, student advising, career planning and placement, job fairs, student government and student organizations, student financial aid operations, student publications and other activities that benefit students.

  • International Student Service Fee: $50 per term .  A fee charged to international students (Not US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident) to offset administrative costs for international admission assistance,  international education credential evaluation, advising, assisting students with USCIS processes and SEVIS reporting.

  • Student Teaching Fee: $15 per course/maximum $45.  A course specific fee to defray costs associated with student teacher supervision.

  • Graduate Business Fee: $58 per semester credit hour for graduate business courses only. Fee to offset special needs of the graduate business program, including skills assessment, orientation, electronic research data bases, and software acquisitions.

  • Library Fee:  $3 per semester credit hour.  This fee is assessed to all students in order to increase the Library's ability to provide essential information resources, technology, and services.

  • General Property Deposit: A deposit of $10 is collected from each student to help insure the institution against losses, damages and breakage in libraries and labs. The deposit is refundable by written request upon the official withdrawal or graduation of a student.

  • Reinstatement Fee:  A $50 fee charged to students requesting reinstatement of a cancelled registration for failing to pay tuition and fees by the payment due date.  This non-refundable fee offsets administrative costs for reinstatements.

  • Extended Access & Support Fee:   $24 per semester credit hour.  A compulsory fee charged all students to provide the support needed to ensure quality delivery of off-campus and electronically delivered instruction and services.

  • Late Payment Fee: $25 fee charged for late payments on an Installment Pay Plan or any loan ($12.50 per installment).  Students who are delinquent on their financial obligations cannot register or be issued official transcripts until university indebtedness has been paid in full.

Other Fees
Late Registration Fee   $50     NSF/Returned Check Fee   $30

Institutional Loan Service Charge




Thesis/Dissertation actual charges (estimate here)



Copyright Fee Registration




Examination, Advanced Standing, per course



* All fees are subject to change by University or Legislative action.

Schedule of Charges

The Schedule of Charges reflects tuition and fees as determined by residence status and the number of hours registered. Please note the schedule below does not include late registration fees, student teaching fees, graduate business fees, and reinstatement fees. Students should add these charges to the amount shown in the totals column found in the chart below. Tuition and fees are subject to change without further notice as necessitated by university or legislative action. (FEB Update)

Click here to see the 2007-2008 Schedule of Charges

Tuition and Fee Refunds (Section 54.006, Texas Higher Education Code)

The University is a State of Texas Institution of Higher Education and refunds are issued in accordance with the State of Texas Higher Education Code, Section 54.006.  Refunds exceptions are considered only by appeal for medical emergency, military duty, natural or national emergency, or university error.  Refunds will first be applied to outstanding obligations.  Loan service charges, installment fees and late fees are generally not refundable unless due to University error.  Credit balance refunds must be requested online.  Refunds will be issued in accordance to a student' s method of payment.  In applicable cases, refund checks will be mailed to the student' s address of record. 

Prior to enrolling students are responsible for ensuring they meet course requirements and prerequisites.   Unmet course requirements including course prerequisites are insufficient grounds for a refund of tuition and fees should students drop or withdraw after refund deadlines.

Course load reductions may affect financial aid eligibility.   Students that have been awarded financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to making schedule changes.   

Withdrawals Refunds
The University will refund a percentage of the tuition and required fees to students withdrawing from all courses at the institution according to the schedules below.  Class days, including Saturdays during the fall and spring terms, are counted from the first official class day of a term.    The first official class date of the term may differ from the actual start date of a course.  Upon withdrawal, any remaining balance on the student account becomes due immediately.           

Fall and Spring Withdrawal Refund Schedule:

Prior to the first official class day   100%
During the first five class days   80%
During the second five class days   70%
During the third five class days   50%
During the fourth five class days   25%
After the fourth five class days    No Refund

Five & Ten Week Summer Term Withdrawal Refund Schedule:

Prior to the first official class day   100%
During the first three class days   80%
During the second three class days   50%
After the second three class days    No Refund

Dropped Course Refunds

Students who officially drop a course within the first twelve official class days of a fall or spring term or the first four official class days of a summer session will receive a 100% refund of the tuition and fees charged for the dropped courses provided they remain enrolled in other credit courses at UHV

General Information

Student services and privileges, including library services, use of computer labs and parking terminate when a student cancels registration or withdraws from the University.  Stopping payment on a check used to pay tuition and fees is NOT official notice of cancellation, withdrawal or dropping of courses and WILL NOT release the student from their financial obligation for those courses .

Tuition Rebate for Certain Undergraduates
(as set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board):
Tuition rebates up to a maximum of $1,000 are available for qualified students who have attempted no more than 3 hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree as defined by the catalog under which they were graduated.

Qualified students must apply for the rebate at the time they apply for graduation.  For further information, email UHV Office of Admissions and Records at admissionsandregistration@uhv.edu or call 361-570-4110.  

Policy on Financial Responsibility

Students incur charges for a variety of services provided by the UH System, the University and community colleges, including bookstore, security, parking and food services.  It is the expectation, as well as a condition of enrollment at the University of Houston-Victoria, that students satisfy their financial responsibilities in a timely manner.  Students may be subject to one or more of the following sanctions if they are delinquent in meeting university financial obligations:

  1. Financial holds paid by means of personal check are not lifted until the personal check has cleared banking process.  Financial holds paid by cash, cashier´s check, money order, or credit card are lifted within 24 hours.
  2. Late payment service fees may be assessed;
  3. Financial holds will be placed preventing the release of transcripts and further enrollment at UHV or other UH campuses;
  4. Credit and grades for work done may be held and grades may be changed to W for students who fail to pay by the end of the term;
  5. Degrees may be delayed or not conferred until financial obligations have been satisfied;
  6. Non-payment by the end of the term and after due notice will result in transfer of the student' s account to an outside collection agency with assessment of additional collection fees;
  7. The delinquency will be reported to the credit bureau which may adversely affect credit worthiness.
  8. The delinquency will be reported to the State and a hold will be activated.  This hold will prohibit reimbursement of funds payable to the student from any state agency.

Calculate Tuition and Fees Worksheet

Tuition and fees are determined by residence status and number of hours taken.  Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice as necessitated by university or legislative action.  The following information should be used only as a guide for estimating tuition and fee charges.


Semester Hours

Charge Per Hour




Number of resident undergraduate hours:


______ X








Number of resident graduate hours:


______ X








Number of non-resident and international  undergraduate hours:



______ X








Number of non-resident and international

graduate hours:



______ X













Student Service Fee  (max. $150)

______ X





Extended Access & Support Fee


______ X






Library Use Fee


______ X







MBA Course Fee

$58 per semester credit hour for MBA courses only


______ X






Late Registration Fee

Add $50 if you are registering during Late Cycle.








General Property Deposit

$10 one-time fee assessed to new students only







International Student Service Fee

$50 fee per semester for all enrolled international students who hold a visa, or have filed for permanent residency that is pending approval.















* Does not include books or student teaching fees. 

Returned Checks

During an academic year (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31), students who write or produce two bad checks to UHV and/or to any other UH System, or Victoria College will forfeit check writing privileges for one year.   This means students must pay financial obligations by cash, credit card, money order, or cashier' s check only- no personal checks will be accepted.  In addition, the student' s account will be assessed a $30 returned check fee and may be subject to criminal District Attorney prosecution. 

Auditing a Course

Approval to audit or visit a course is permitted, subject to completion of an audit application, seating availability and approval by the course instructor or school dean.  Auditing normally conveys only the privilege of observing and does not include submitting papers, taking tests or participating in laboratories or field work.  An auditing student will pay resident tuition and fee rates.  Late registration fees are not charged.  Audit application forms can be obtained from the Bursar Office.  Academic credit is not given for an audited course.  

Tuition and Fee —Waivers and Exemptions

The tuition and fee information provided below is not intended to be comprehensive and is subject to changes made by the Texas Legislature or University of Houston Board of Regents.  Contact the Bursar's Office for additional information regarding waivers and exemptions.

Faculty and Dependents (54.059 Texas Education Code)— Teachers, professors and researchers of state institutions of higher education are entitled to register themselves, their spouses, and their children by paying resident tuition and fees. This residence waiver is without regard to the length of time they have resided in Texas, provided the employees are employed at least one-half time.

Student Employees (54.063 Texas Education Code)— Teaching assistants and research assistants are entitled to register themselves, their spouses and their children by paying the tuition and other fees charged to Texas residents. This residency waiver is without regard to the length of time they have resided in Texas, provided the students are employed at least one-half time in a teaching or research position relating to their degree program.

Military Personnel and Dependents (54.058 Texas Education Code)— Officers or enlisted personnel of the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserves of the United States who are assigned to duty in Texas are entitled to register themselves, their spouses and their children at the University by paying Texas resident tuition and fees. This tuition waiver is without regard to the length of time they have been assigned to duty or resided in the state.

Blind and Deaf Students (Section 54.205, Texas Education Code)— Blind or deaf students who are residents are entitled to exemption from tuition and certain fees if they present: (1) Certification of blindness or deafness (2) Proof of Texas residency (3) High School diploma or GED equivalency (4) Letter of recommendation by high school principal, clergyman, public official or other responsible individual and (5) Letter of student intent.

Senior Citizens (Section 54.210, Texas Education Code)— Senior citizens (persons 65 years and older) who wish to obtain academic credit may enroll for up to six semester credit hours of courses offered by the University each term without payment of tuition if space is available and if admission requirements are met. The student is still responsible for the payment of fees other than tuition. Credit hours taken in excess of six hours will be charged the normal tuition and fees.

A senior citizen who wishes to audit any course offered by the University may do so without payment of tuition and fees, providing space is available and normal auditing requirements are met.

Texas Veterans (Hazlewood Act, Section 54.203, Texas Education Code)— The University exempts students from paying tuition and fees excluding property deposit and student service fees. Eligibility requirements include: the student must have resided in Texas for 12 months prior to registration; must have been a legal resident of Texas at the time of entry; must have served in the armed forces at least 180 days of active duty; must have an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions; not be eligible for federal education benefits such as: Federal Pell or SEOG grants; if eligible, cannot exceed the amount of tuition and fees; not be in default of Hinson-Hazlewood college student loan or a federal loan; and must have less than 150 credit hours taken on the Hazlewood Act since the Fall, 1995.

Children of Disabled Texas Peace Officers and Firefighters (Section 54.204, Texas Education Code)— The University also exempts students whose parent has suffered an injury resulting in death or disability sustained in the line of duty. Eligible parents include full-paid or volunteer firefighters; full-paid municipal, county, or state peace officers; custodial employees of the Texas Department of Corrections, and game wardens. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board must certify the student's eligibility.


At UHV, a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space but allows a student to park in designated areas if space is available.  Parking on the UHV Campus is shared with Victoria College.  All vehicles parked on campus must display either a valid decal or temporary permit with the exception of visitors parked in designated spots.  Please go to http://www.uhv.edu/fin/policy/A/a-19.htm to review UHV student parking policies and procedures. 

Students may be subject to parking regulations at the UHS Sugar Land and UHS Cinco Ranch sites.  Students attending classes at an off campus site should check with the site administrator for applicable regulations.              

Parking regulations are enforced.  Parking violations can result in warnings, progressive fines, towing, banning of vehicle from campus and financial stops preventing re-enrollment until the violation(s) are cleared.