Nursing (NUR)

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Nursing (NUR)

NUR 3210: The Role of Professional Nursing
  Cr.2. (2-0).
  Students will examine personal, professional, and cultural values as influences on nursing practice. 
Ethical dilemmas confronting nursing are examined from multiple perspectives.


NUR 3315:  Pathophysiology
  Cr. 3. (3-0).

Focus of this course is on understanding the pathophysiological basis of disease processes
in across the life span.  Central concepts include symptoms, treatment and prognosis.


NUR 3411: Health Assessment Across the Life Span
  Cr. 3. (3-0).  Prerequisite or Corequisite: NUR 3315

Introduces concepts of health and cultural assessment of individuals and families across the
life span.  History, data collection.


NUR 4222: Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing
  Cr. 2. (2-0).  Prerequisite: NUR 4521

This seminar course explores political, legal, ethical, and advocacy issues affecting the
quality of health care delivery and of nursing practice.


NUR 4314: Nursing Research
  Cr. 3. (3-0).  Prerequisite: Statistics course

An introduction to basic research methodologies, their value, and their use for nursing practice. 
Emphasis is placed on applying research findings into evidenced based nursing practice.


NURS 4412: Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice
  Cr. 4. (4-0).  Prerequisites: NUR 3210 and NUR 3411

Focus on the concepts of leadership and management and their implications for the delivery
of professional nursing care.  Assessment and analysis of an actual work problem, assessment
of the work environment, and development of a proposed solution are investigated.


NUR 4420: Integration of Concepts into the Complex Care of Individuals and Families
  Cr. 4. (4-0).  Prerequisites:  NUR 3210 and NUR 3411

Emphasis placed on application of research findings for critical thinking in case management,
integration of pathophysiology, psychosocial and cultural concepts and professional
values to coordinate care in a variety of settings with quality and continuity.


NUR 4521: Community Health Nursing
  Cr. 5. (5-0)  Prerequisites: NUR 3210 and NUR 3411

Focus is on the role of the professional nurse in wellness and health promotion, primary disease
prevention and management of chronic health problems in community setting for clients of all age levels