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Religion (RELN)

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RELN 6300:     

Selected Topics in Religion
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
May be repeated when topics vary.

RELN 6310:

History of Christianity
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Overview of Christianity as an evolving legacy of beliefs and historical events.

RELN 6311:

Asian Religion & Culture: Classic to Contemporary
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Introduces students to Asian culture through the history, social customs and art of Asia, focusing on the traditions of India, China and Japan.

RELN 6312:

Religion and Media
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Understand relationship between media and religion and consider how media mediate religious experience.

RELN 6313:

Philosophy of Religion
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Course looks at what is most important to religion. Examine basic problems common to all religions.