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2013-2014 Catalog

M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision (General Leadership)

Core:          12 semester hours (will vary according to the specific needs of the individual program)

                    ELAS 6310 Theoretical Foundations and Functions of Educational Administration 
                    ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision 
                    ELAS 6316 Instructional Leadership 
                    ELAS 6313 Ethics in Educational Administration 
                    ELAS 6331 Education Law

Additional Requirements:
9 semester hours selected by advisement from any discipline to complete and support the plan area.

Additional Certification
Individuals who have completed a graduate degree and who hold a valid Principal Certificate may
pursue additional courses leading to a Superintendent Certificate.

Requirements for the Superintendent Certificate
1. Hold a valid Principal Certificate.
2. Complete course work to include 12 semester hours 
            ELAS 6341 Personnel Management 
            ELAS 6342 Educational Policy and Finance; 
            ELAS 6343 Public Affairs and Community Relations; 
            ELAS 6345 Educational Facilities and Environment
3. Complete the 6 semester hours of approved Superintendent’s practicum 
            ELAS 6308 Practicum for the School Superintendency 
            ELAS 6309 Practicum for the School Superintendency
4. Pass the TExES # 195