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2013-2014 Catalog

Graduate Programs
Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Graduate programs in The School of Education and Human Development address the need for advanced academic and professional preparation of school personnel. In addition, degrees and specializations are offered that address concerns about children, families, and society and assist people of all ages in pursuing life-long learning and personal growth.

Graduate Degree Requirements

I. Prerequisites
The student entering a program, which leads to a graduate level professional certification, will be expected to have at least 18 semester hours of professional education courses and appropriate teaching or related experience. Students seeking the M.Ed. degree without certification need not show the 18 semester hours of professional education courses, but are expected to meet the general requirements for entrance to graduate studies as found in the section on admissions.

II. Additional Admission Requirements: 
    A. Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education, and Adult & Higher Education 
        1. The student must submit two letters of reference from practicing educators, such as supervisors or 
            other professional school personnel. 
        2. The student must provide a letter explaining their purposes for pursuing the degree and their expectations 
            of the degree.

    B. Counseling 
        1. The student must submit three letters of recommendation for pursuing education in counseling for current 
            or former supervisors, professors, professionals in the field, or others who can speak to student’s 
            compatibility with the field of counseling. 
        2. The student must provide an essay expressing their purpose for pursuing a degree and their expectations 
            for contributing to the field of counseling. 
        3. The student must participate in an interview and orientation with Counseling faculty and student members 
            of the program.
        For additional information on counselors admission requirements, see Counseling section.

    C. Educational Leadership, General Leadership

        For Educational Leadership and General Leadership admission requirements, see Educational 
        Leadership section

III. Candidacy and Comprehensive Examinations
The exam will be offered on October 18, 2014, March 7, 2015; and June 27, 2015. 
The student must apply for the comprehensive exam and candidacy for the master’s degree by registering by the following deadline dates:

Deadline Date

Late Application Accepted With $50 Fee

Test Date

September 8, 2014

September 9 – 22, 2014

October 18, 2014

January 16, 2015

January 17– 30, 2015

March 7, 2015

May 10, 2015

May 11 – 24, 2015

June 27, 2015

Applications for Candidacy and Master’s Comprehensive Exams will be assessed a late fee if submitted after the deadline date. Deadlines will be strictly enforced.

Applications are available on the UHV website at www.uhv.edu/edu/. A satisfactory performance on the school’s comprehensive examination is required of all graduate students.

Comprehensive examinations are required for a second master’s degree.

IV. All degrees must have at least 18 semester hours of graduate Education coursework and all courses 
       through the School of Education and Human Development must be at graduate level.

V. Other University Requirements 
The student must satisfy all university requirements for a master’s degree as found in the section, 

The university does not award academic course credit for experiential learning, or life experience. As specified by the state, certain kinds of experience may be credited toward fulfilling certification requirements in Education.