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2013-2014 Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies Plan

EC-Grade 6 Generalist Certificate Block Schedule
Degree Seeking Candidates Only – Associates of Arts in Teaching Track

Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program . Check Requirements in the UHV Catalog

Must take these 3 classes CONCURRENTLY before moving on to next block of classes.
CUIN 3323 Instructional Design
INDS 3323 Child Development & Its Application to Learning
LITY 3352 Literacy Development in the Elementary School

Prerequisites – CUIN 3323, INDS 3323 and LITY 3352
ESED 4312 Social/Emotional Development and the Fine Arts
CUIN 4322 Elementary Science Methods
CUIN 4324 Teaching Mathematics Methods
LITY 3320 Foundations of Reading Theories & Assessment
LITY 4362 Workshop Approach to Reading and Writing Instruction
LITY 4365 Components of Effective Literacy Instruction
CUIN 3324 Classroom Management and Assessment for Learning

CUIN 4316 Effective Social Studies Instruction (can be taken
after Block 1)

General Education Courses
MATH 3318 Concepts in Math 1 (can be take with any Block)

MATH 3320 Concepts in Math II (can be taken with any Block)
FEDU 4310 Human Learning and its Application to Education – can be taken after block 1

Candidates should take and pass the state Generalist EC-6 TExES #191 exam before student teaching!

Student Teaching and Professional Seminar (Prerequisites – Admission by Application to the Director of Field Experiences – application deadline for fall is March 1st, spring deadline is September 15th)
ESED 4303 Early School Education Student Teaching
ESED 4304 Early School Education Student Teaching
ESED 4307 Early School Education Professional Seminar

Student Teaching Exemption and Professional Seminar - Student teaching exemptions are available only through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. State requirements of 122 hours still must be met even if you are exempt from student teaching.

The following University Based Courses may be taken without admission to the Teacher Education Program; however you may have difficulties with scheduling if all are taken prior to acceptance to the Teacher Education Program.

University Based Courses
ANTH 3311 Anthropology of Diverse Populations
ENGL 3430 Professional Writing
SCIE 3320 Physical Science or SCIE 3310 Earth Science
SPED 3321 Exceptional Children: An Introduction