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Degree Requirements


Bachelor's Degree | Master's Degree | Thesis

Approval of Thesis Proposal
The student may not begin the research prior to the approval of the thesis proposal by the student’s thesis committee (consult particular programs for committee composition). The thesis must present evidence of a mastery of the literature, a significant contribution to knowledge or professional skills and the ability to do independent research.

The final draft of the thesis must be completed and submitted to the committee no later than the following deadlines:
            Fall graduation—November 1
            Spring graduation—April 1
            Summer graduation—July 1

The paragraph regarding “Binding and Distribution of Thesis’’ on the following pages specifies deadlines for submission of the approved thesis.

Continuous Registration and Credit for Thesis
The student who is working on a thesis is required to be continuously enrolled in the appropriate thesis course for a minimum of 6 semester hours per year (12 months). Advice or assistance from a member of the faculty in the preparation of a thesis may not be expected unless the student is officially enrolled. Failure to enroll in thesis may delay the student’s graduation. Enrollment is required in the semester in which the thesis is completed.

A person who lives in excess of 100 miles from the campus may register in absentia for thesis courses if arrangements are made through the Office of the Registrar and Student Records at least two weeks before the registration period. Registration for all other students must be completed in the prescribed manner during the announced registration period. The thesis course is considered a part of the student’s current course load.

For acquisition of three thesis credits (6308) a grade of S will be recorded. For completion of the other three credits (6309) a regular grade (A, B, etc.) will be recorded. A grade of I may be assigned in either case to indicate work still in progress. Students are to enroll in 6308 until a grade of S is achieved before registering for 6309. In rare cases where the thesis is likely to be completed in one semester, permission for dual registration may be granted by the dean of the school.

A final grade of B or better is required in the completed thesis. A grade of C indicates that the thesis is not acceptable. Students who are not progressing satisfactorily may be asked to withdraw.

An optional graduate grading system of S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory) or I (incomplete) may be elected by any school for a given period, generally the academic year. Grades in the thesis courses whether under the optional or regular grading system, are not considered in computing a student’s grade point average.

For the master’s thesis, six semester hours may be earned. Although more than this number may be required of the student, six is the maximum number of hours which may be applied toward the master’s degree.

An oral examination over the research study will be held upon completion of the thesis.

Suggested Form for Thesis
As a general rule, the format and style of presentation should conform to the most acceptable standards of scientific and scholarly writing in the discipline. For example, psychology students should refer to the publication, Manual of the American Psychological Association (available in the Victoria College Bookstore and the Academic Center). The title page must bear the month and year of commencement and the signatures of the thesis committee members.

Before preparing the thesis, the student should obtain a copy of the guide for the preparation and submission of thesis from the advisor.

Binding and Distribution of Thesis
The original and three copies of the approved thesis should be submitted for binding to the Senior Director of the Libraries as early as possible, but no later than 4:00 p.m. on the last day of final exams for the semester or term in which the candidate expects to graduate.
    Fall graduation—Last day of final exams for the fall semester (December)
    Spring graduation—Last day of final exams for the spring semester (May)
    Summer graduation—Last day of final exams for the summer terms (August)

Cost of Binding
The Library will charge the candidate the current binding charge, which may be based on the size of the thesis.

Distribution of Thesis
1. Original—Library Archives (All signatures on this copy must be originals)
2. One copy—Library circulating copy
3. One copy—School office of candidate’s plan (Arts & Sciences, Business Administration or Education)
4. One copy—Chair of candidate’s committee

At the candidate’s option, other copies may be bound for his/her own use.

Choice of Paper
The original copy of the thesis must be printed on acid-free paper.

Copyright of your thesis is secured automatically when the thesis is created, and it is “created” when it is fixed in a copy for the first time. However, if you want to register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, you have two options: (1) you may handle this entirely on your own, or (2) you may submit the appropriate paper work, along with one copy of your thesis (which may be unbound), and the registration fee of $20 to UH-Victoria by the deadline date shown above. The university will send all of this to the U.S. Copyright Office for you. (The Library has a packet of materials that explain copyright registration in more detail.)