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2013-2014 Catalog

Teacher Certification

Admission to the School of Education and Human Development teacher certification program is admission to a professional program and must be applied for apart from admission to the university. Admission to teacher education applies to all teacher education students: elementary, middle, and secondary. Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact the Educator Preparation Office in the School of Education and Human Development before making plans to enter any program that leads to teacher certification. Application for admission to teacher education is made through the Educator Preparation Office during the semester prior to enrollment in the first professional education course.

Specific Requirements for Admission and Retention
To a Teacher Certification Program

The following are the specific requirements for admission to the Teacher Certification Program:

    1. Completion of 54 semester hours prior to enrollment in Professional Education Courses. 
    2. Passage of THEA/TASP, TSI complete or exempt. 
    3. GPA of 2.5 in 9 semester hours of lower division English; 6 semester hours must be in composition. 
    4. GPA of 2.5 in all lower division courses that apply to teacher certification. 
    5. Provide criminal background check results to Educator Preparation Office. 
    6. Lower division courses must be completed before admission to Teacher Education.

(Post-Baccalaureate students see “POST-BACCALAUREATES” section for certification admission requirements.)

NOTE: All potential certificate applicants with criminal felony or misdemeanor convictions should contact the 
             Educator Preparation Office for information.

The Teacher Education Program faculty participates in ongoing examination of student progress. Students are required to meet Professional Disposition Standards. If a student has difficulty meeting the Professional Disposition Standards faculty shall provide support and prepare a Professional Growth Planto meet individual student needs. Further information is available from the faculty advisor or visit: http://www.uhv.edu/edu/TeacherCertification.aspx.

Professional Dispositions

I. Professionalism
II. Student Centeredness
III. Personal Development

The following are the specific requirements for retention in the Teacher Certification Program:

1. GPA of 2.5 in all courses on degree. All UHV courses must be a grade of “C” or better.
2. Evidence of the characteristics, behaviors and attitudes appropriate to the teaching profession.