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A hospital, medical and surgical insurance plan is available to all university students at a nominal cost. Information on available insurance plans fordomestic and international students can be accessed online at http://www.studentinsurance.com/schools/TX/uhv/?collegeID=336. Brochures are also available in the Academic Support Offices at the University of Houston Sugar Land Campus and the UH System at Cinco Ranch for students attending those campuses.

At University of Houston-Victoria, students or exchange visitors who hold an F1 or J1 visa are required to have hospitalization, medical and surgical insurance which includes a repatriation and evacuation benefit. Cost for this insurance may be added to the fee bill each fall and spring term. Studentsenrolled for the spring term are covered through the summer term. A Health Insurance Waiver Request form is available on the Admissions Forms web page at http://www.uhv.edu/oar/forms.aspx for international students (F1/J1 visa holders only) who have the minimum required coverage through other sources. Students who begin enrollment in a summer term may purchase a short-term policy for adequate coverage during this period of study before the fall term begins.