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2013-2014 Catalog

School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Plan for Publishing (M.S.)

Publishing   (M.S.)
The Master of Science in Publishing is an academic degree program which focuses on the history, development, and current practice of publishing.  

1.     General Admission Requirements. Admission to Graduate Studies (see Graduate Admission
         requirements, pg. 47).
2.     Program Admission. In addition to meeting university admissions requirements for a graduate degree,
        prospective publishing students must submit the following application materials:
        a.     A one to two-page letter that states the applicant’s reasons for applying to the program and their 
                personal and/or professional objectives.
        b.    Two letters of recommendation.
        c.    A five to 10-page writing sample (critical or creative) or graphic arts portfolio containing three to six
               representative works.
        d.    Submit official GRE scores and have an Admissions index of 1,400 or higher (if taken prior to August
               1, 2011) or 980 (if taken on or after August 1, 2011), obtained by either of the following:

                If taken prior to August 1, 2011:  GPA on at least the last 60 semester credit hours times 200
                Plus GRE score (Verbal + Quantitative)

                If taken on or after August 1, 2011:  GPA on at least the last 60 semester credit hours times 200 Plus
                15 times (Verbal + Quantitative – 260)

Degree Requirements.

1.     Degree Requirements
        Students must complete a 36 credit hour program with a final minimum of a ‘B’ in each course, consisting
        A. Twenty-one credit hours of Publishing core courses.
        B. Nine credit hours in concentration courses.
        C. Six credit hours in Internship.

            A.     Publishing Core Courses
            Five three-credit hour courses in Publishing (PUBL) constitute the core of the MS in Publishing program,
            for a total of fifteen credit hours.  These courses are

                    PUBL 6310 Introduction to Publishing
                    PUBL  6312 Publication Design
                    PUBL  6314 Legal Environment of Publishing/Contracts
                    PUBL  6316 Style & Editing
                    PUBL 6318 Digital Publishing

            Two of the following three credit hour course offerings are also required for a total of six credit hours.
            These courses are:

                  MGMT  6351 Management and Organizational Behavior
                  MKTG  6352 Strategic Marketing Management
                  PUBL  63XX – Course title to be determined.

            B. Electives (Concentration)
            Students choose a concentration from among the following areas: Communication (COMM), English
            (ENGL) or History (HIST) and complete any three 3-hour courses with the same prefix for a total of 9 
            credit hours. Alternately, students may also develop their own interdisciplinary concentration by selecting 
            any combination of courses in Humanities. See catalog for course specifications.

            C. Publishing Internship
            This three credit hour internship must be taken for two semesters for a total of six credit hours.
                  PUBL  6305 Publishing Internship