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Premedical and Predental Program

Premedical and Predental Program
The Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and courses taught at the University of Houston-Victoria fulfill the admissions requirements for most medical and dental schools in the United States and its protectorates.
Premedical and predental students are advised that most medical schools require the following courses; however, students are responsible for determining the specific requirements of those medical schools selected for application. A majority of this course work needs to be completed at the lower division.
General Chemistry One year with laboratory
Organic Chemistry One year with laboratory
General Physics One year with laboratory
Calculus One-half year
Biology Two years, one with laboratory

Furthermore, students need to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) or the Dental School Admissions Test (DAT) to fulfill admission requirements of most medical and dental schools.  These tests are usually taken at the end of the junior year of college.  To prepare for these exams, students will also need to take upper division biology courses such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Human Physiology and Anatomy.  These courses, although not always specified by professional schools, are recommended by the Pre-Professional (Premedical, Predental) Advisor at UHV.

Most professional colleges require the completion of a bachelor’s degree and a high GPA to obtain admission. Some schools will admit exceptionally well-qualified students with high grades and MCAT/DAT scores before they complete a bachelor’s degree.
UHV has an established Pre-medical/Predental advisory board to support and provide advice to applicants.  Letters of recommendation from the Pre-Professional (Premedical, Predental) Advisor/board can be provided only for students who have fulfilled the above requirements and completed at least 3 upper division courses at UHV including the core courses for a BS in Biology.  The recommendations will require above average grades and close interaction with the Pre-Professional (Premedical, Predental) Advisor, and board.