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2013-2014 Catalog

School of Business Administration

Degree Requirements for the Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Preamble: The Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (MSEDE) degree program is a 36-hour MBA program (30 hour core and 3 hours each in entrepreneurship and economic development related electives). This integrated degree program uses the “three-legged” stool model that economic development is the result of starting, growing and retaining, and attracting new firms to high-quality of life and business supportive communities, regions, states, or nations.
The mission of the MSEDE program is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully create new business ventures and help communities, regions, states, or nations determine their economic destiny in a dynamic global environment. The program offers the graduate an integrated curriculum that blends theoretical concepts with practical applications.

MSEDE graduates will be able to:

  • apply the entrepreneurial process to develop a business idea into a business plan;
  • analyze the business viability of a mature firm;
  • prepare an economic development strategy for a community or region;
  • analyze the economic impact of a development project.

The following courses are required for attaining the Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship degree. Courses are listed in the recommended completion order.

        EDEN 6350 Introduction to Economic Development and Entrepreneurship 
        EDEN 6351 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
        EDEN 6352 Developing the Business Plan (EDEN 6351) 
        EDEN 6353 Nurturing and Growing the Fledgling Venture 
        EDEN 6354 Growing the Successful Venture (EDEN 6353) 
        EDEN 6355 Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Finance 
        EDEN 6356 Methods in Economic Development 
        EDEN 6357 The Practice of Local Economic Development (EDEN 6350, EDEN 6355, EDEN 6356) 
        EDEN 6358 Theory and Practice of Regional Economic Development (EDEN 6350, EDEN 6356) 
        EDEN 6359 Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Project (must be within 9 hours of graduation)


Each student will be required to take one entrepreneurship-related course and one economic development-related course. Entrepreneurship courses may come from the MBA graduate course offerings and economic development courses may come from the MBA graduate course offerings or from graduate course offerings of other schools within the university with the approval of the program director.

REQUIRED CORE COURSES                         30 hours
REQUIRED ELECTIVE COURSES                    6 hours 
        TOTAL                                                       36 hours


EDEN 6359 will require the student to apply the knowledge gained in the program by completing a special project related to economic development and/or entrepreneurship. Prior to registration for the course, the student must have the project approved by the course instructor.


1. Computer literacy and basic writing skills are prerequisite to all courses.
2. Students whose admission index falls below the minimum and within the dean’s discretionary range, or whose 
    TOEFL score is between 500 and 549, or whose GMAT verbal or quantitative score falls below the 10th 
    percentile, may be accepted by administrative decision of the Dean’s Office. Applicants admitted under this 
    category will be required to successfully complete specific MESED courses (such as EDEN 6352 and EDEN 
    6356) within a prescribed period of time, and will be prevented from registering for additional semesters until 
    this condition is satisfied.
3. Students may, with the approval of their UH-Victoria academic advisor, transfer in not more than six semester 
    hours of graduate business course work attained at an accredited institution after acceptance into the program 
    and within the time frame specified below.
4. Students who, in compliance with 3. above, continue their graduate course work at another accredited 
    institution (not to exceed six semester hours) must be in good standing at UH-Victoria and maintain 
    proficiency standards in effect upon entry into the program in order to be awarded the M.S. degree from UH-
5. A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed at UH-Victoria with a grade average of at least 3.0.
6. All requirements for the M.S. Economic Development and Entrepreneurship degree must be completed within
     a five-year period preceding graduation.
7. MS-EDE students are expected to 
        a. Be familiar with the mission and values of the program and to comply with the expectations of them 
            outlined in this catalog, their new student orientation, and their course syllabi. 
        b. Maintain high standards of academic honesty and ethical behavior as outlined on course syllabi each 
        c. Track their progress on their degree programs and contact their advisors promptly to resolve questions 
            about their enrollment. 
        d. Verify that they have the appropriate prerequisites for their courses each semester. 
        e. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 throughout the program, and receive no more than two Cs in graduate business 
        f. Complete all degree requirements within five years. 
        g. Apply for graduation by the published deadline for the semester in which they will complete degree 
        h. Ensure that the School of Business Administration has current contact information for them at all times, 
            and visit the school’s web page ( www.uhv.edu/bus) regularly for important updates as well as to obtain 
            information on course textbooks and syllabi prior to each semester.

Requirements for Admission to the Graduate Business Programs

Applicants to the graduate business programs must meet all requirements for graduate admission as described in the Admissions section of this catalog. In order to be considered for admission a student must send the following credentials to the Office of Admissions:
    1. A completed application for graduate admission. 
    2. Official transcripts reflecting AT LEAST the last 60 hours of coursework completed AND the 
        baccalaureate (or higher) degree conferred, sent directly from each institution to UH-Victoria. 
    3. Appropriate GMAT exam score sent directly from the testing service to UH-Victoria.

Your admission to the MBA program depends on
    A grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on at least the last 60 semester credit hours you have 
            attempted at the college level and a minimum score of 450 Graduate Management Admission Test 
            (GMAT), or
    An admissions index of at least 1400.

UHV computes your admissions index by combining your GPA on at least your last 60 semester credit hours of college work with your GMAT test score. To obtain your admissions index, use the following formula: (GPA x 200) + (GMAT x 2).

If you do not meet 1) the minimum GPA and test score or 2) the 1400 admissions index, you do not meet the minimum admission requirements. If you have an index of 1300 or higher, the Dean’s Office in the School of Business Administration may recommend that you be admitted on a conditional basis subject to your minimum scholastic performance during your first semester of enrollment as a conditionally admitted graduate student.

Students who submit applications and transcripts for graduate admission but wish to postpone GMAT completion until after enrollment may be eligible for temporary admission to the program.

A student transferring from another graduate school must have at least a 3.0 (A=4.0) grade point average on all graduate work attempted.

International students must also submit a valid, official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam score of 213 on the computer-based test, or 27 iBT, unless they qualify for an exception as outlined in the Admissions section of this catalog. International students must also meet all other requirements for international admission as outlined in this catalog.

Test Scores
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required of all applicants to the Graduate Business programs unless they already hold a master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution. Only the verbal and quantitative scores are considered in the admissions decision. For students taking 12 semester hours in temporary graduate status, GMAT scores should be submitted during this time period. No more than 12 semester hours completed prior to admission to the graduate business program will be counted toward the program requirements.

Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Admissions of UH-Victoria. Scores must be no more than five years old at the time of application for admission. Information concerning the GMAT test may be obtained from the Office of Admissions or from the testing companies. Call (609) 771-7330, visit their website at www.gmac.org, or write Graduate Management Admission Test, Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6103, Princeton, NJ 08541-6103.

The institutional code numbers for UHV are:




MBA, Strategic (including Bridge)


MBA, Global (including Bridge)


MS, Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

GMAT Waiver Information
Under certain circumstances, graduate business applicants may request a waiver for the GMAT when applying for initial admission to a graduate business program, or when attempting to progress from temporary graduate admission to conditional or full admission to a graduate business program. The Dean’s Office in the School of Business Administration, will consider, on a case-by-case basis, GMAT waiver requests from applicants who fall into one of the following categories:

  • The applicant has completed a graduate or professional degree (i.e., a degree beyond a four-year baccalaureate degree) from an accredited college or university; OR
  • For GRE taken before August 1, 2011: The applicant has a current GRE score (less than 5 years old) of 900 or higher (verbal and quantitative sections combined); OR
  • For GRE taken after August 1, 2011: The applicant has a current GRE score (less than 5 years old) of 292 or higher (verbal and quantitative scores combined); OR
  • The applicant has a current GRE score (less than 5 years old) and overall GPA sufficient to meet the university admission index; OR
  • The applicant (i) has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher AND (ii) has at least two years of relevant professional and/or management/supervisory experience AND (iii) writes a letter of application outlining career goals and objectives AND (iv) depending on the degree program, completes one of the following conditions:

            o Strategic MBA: earn a B or better in QMSC 6351 and MGMT 6351
            o Global MBA: earn a B or better in QMSC 6351 and MGMT 6351. In the event that the applicant is 
               eligible for a degree plan waiver of QMSC 6351, a B or better in MGMT 6367 will satisfy this 
               portion of the condition. In the event that the applicant is eligible for a degree plan waiver of MGMT 
               6351, a B or better in MKTG 6377 will satisfy this portion of the condition.
            o Economic Development & Entrepreneurship MS: earn a B or better in EDEN 6356 and EDEN 6352.

A GMAT waiver is not automatic for any applicant. To request a GMAT waiver, the applicant must submit the following materials to the Dean’s Office in the School of Business Administration:

  • A brief written request outlining the reasons why the School of Business Administration should grant a GMAT waiver (including career goals and objectives) and indicating which of the above waiver categories applies.
  • Copies of all academic transcripts for work completed at any college or university attended, if not already submitted to the UH-Victoria Office of Admissions. The applicant may submit unofficial transcripts for consideration, but any unofficial copies must be followed by official transcripts submitted with the formal application.
  • A current professional résumé, including detailed position duties and dates of employment.
  • Any other information the applicant wishes to submit to the School of Business Administration in support of the request (e.g., letter from supervisor explaining the applicant's job duties, performance, and potential, or letters of recommendation).

International Student Admission

Deadline for Application: A student who is not a citizen of the United States and has entered this country by F-1 visa or other non-immigrant visa status is considered to be an international student. International students who hold an F-1 student visa must submit applications for admission and all supporting admission documentation, regardless of degree objective, by the following dates to ensure time for processing:

Fall – June 1 Spring – October 1 Summer – March 1

All other requirements and deadlines as described in the Admissions section of this catalog must be satisfied.