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Fiction Collective Two (FC2)

University Center, Suite 301
3007 N Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901
361.570.4118 Fax: 361.580.5501
Email: editor@symploke.org

Carmen Edington
Assistant Editor
Charles W. Alcorn, Ph.D.

After more than thirty years of operation, the Fiction Collective and its successor FC2 (Fiction Collection Two) have published nearly two hundred titles by more than one hundred individuals.  It began in 1973 when writers Jonathan Baumbach, Peter Spielberg, Mark Mirsky, Steve Katz, Ronald Sukenick and others (some participating via phone from California and Colorado) began to meet in Baumbach’s Brooklyn apartment to discuss the possibility of founding a cooperative fiction publishing venture.  Over the years its operations have been located on six university campuses, including, most recently, at Florida State University. UHV is now its host institution.

A small, independent, not-for-profit press, Fiction Collective Two is committed to finding new innovative work and continuously expanding the membership of the Collective, which has grown from six founding members in 1974 to well over 100 today. FC2 does this through its contest and through member-sponsored submissions. The FC2 Board and executive editor make all editorial decisions.

FC2 membership spreads throughout the United States and Europe. It publishes six new books annually, three in fall, three in spring, and it reprints up to four books a year. All publication is fiction. The average press run is 2,000.

FC2 executive and book production offices are located at UHV headed by Assistant Editor, Carmen Edington. Here future FC2 books are laid out and prepared for printing under the supervision of Ms. Edington and UHV publishing faculty. 

FC2 books are distributed and marketed by University of Alabama Press, and are available to bookstores through the principal US book wholesalers (Ingram, Baker and Taylor, etc.). FC2 books are regularly sold by the principal national bookstore chains (Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) as well as by the largest and best-known independent bookstores (e.g., St. Marks Books/NYC, Prairie Lights Books/Iowa City, City Lights Books/SF, Shaman Drum Bookstore/Ann Arbor). All FC2 books can be purchased directly from the UAP website or from Amazon.com. FC2 books, in English and translation, are also available throughout Europe and Asia.

In 2007, FC2 announced the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize, an annual prize administered and judged by UHV/FC2 editors, awarded to an outstanding book-length manuscript by a writer who has not previously published with FC2.  The first winner, Beautiful Soon Enough by Margo Berdeshevsky, was announced in February 2008.

The Fiction Collective and FC2 have been the subject of many articles over the years in publications such as Publisher's Weekly, Poets & Writers, Critique, Triquarterly, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Three FC2 authors (Clarence Major, Gerald Vizenor, Diane Glancy) are represented in the most recent Norton Anthology of American Literature (Vol II, 5th ed: 1998). Five FC2 authors (Curtis White, Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Gerald Vizenor, Mark Leyner, Samuel Delany) are represented in Postmodern Literature: A Norton Anthology (1997).  Numerous FC2 authors (e.g., Ronald Sukenick, Raymond Federman, Clarence Major, Fanny Howe, Marianne Hauser, Russell Banks) have been the subject of essays in scholarly journals such as Contemporary Literature, Modern Fiction Studies, Critique, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and Chicago Review

Articles about the press itself have been published in Poets and Writers, Contemporary Literature, Triquarterly, Critique, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Michael Bérubé's The Employment of English (NYU Press, 1998). 

Reviews of FC2 books regularly appear in such publications as: The London Times Literary Supplement, New York Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times Book Review, Village Voice, Washington Post Book World, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, Rain Taxi, New Novel Review, Bloomsbury Review, Boston Book Review, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and the American Book Review.

FC2 is a key part of UHV’s Master of Science degree in publishing.  Here students receive hands on experience in every aspect of publishing, from manuscript acquisition and editing, to book design and distribution.