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You are responsible for all requirements of the catalog under which you will be graduated. During your first semester of attendance at the university, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, School of Education and Human Development, and School of Nursing staff advisor will initiate your degree plan. The staff advisor will work with you and your faculty advisor to complete a plan for approval. You will sign the plan. The advisor and appropriate school dean also sign when approving it, and the Office of Admissions validates the degree plan before it becomes an official document. You will receive a copy when the process is complete, ordinarily during the same semester in which the process began.

The original degree plan is kept on file electronically in the Office of Admissions and you and the school of your plan will each receive a copy. Since the degree plan represents your commitment to complete the requirements and the university’s commitment to hold you accountable for meeting those requirements, it is a very important document. In order to change it in any way, secure a substitution form from the school office of your plan. The academic advisor and school dean must approve the change and the Office of Admissions validate it before it becomes official.

Please note that if you interrupt enrollment for more than one calendar year, you will need a new degree plan upon your return to UHV.