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2013-2014 Catalog


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Dagoberto Gilb
Executive Director
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Associate Director
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CentroVictoria, our Center for Mexican American Literature and Culture, was created to elevate that which unites the finest tradition of the United States with the best of a historic Mexican diaspora in its boundaries. Specifically, we believe that it is through the promotion of the full spectrum of a literary arts education that our Mexican American community—which is at least two-thirds of the Latino demographic in this country—can itself be taught to better understand its own history, and from the outside, mainstream world, to be better understood. CentroVictoria believes that it is through the Arts that mutual respect is most easily achieved.

CentroVictoria emphasizes the American part of Mexican American: We praise the openness of opportunity here, the ideal of fairness, the freshness of ideas particularly through the appreciation of literature and reading. The achievements of Mexican American culture are highlighted and share with our youth and show pride in our community’s hardworking spirit. We want to encourage respect for what has been best for both the United States and its relationship with is people whose descent is Mexican.

There is too little that has been done in public, institutional way to celebrate and honor what has become the unique contribution of Mexican Americans to this country. CentroVictoria believes in the nobility of higher learning, and, in the service of promoting literature, all the arts, and rich culture, of the Mexican American people. It is intended to be a resource for the understanding of what has already been established in this land for the last 200 years, while reaching forward to help shape what will become not just Texas and the Southwest, where the majority of the population will be Mexican American very soon, but the entire nation as the Mexican diaspora expands and settles into every American state and City.

Made in Texas

Made in Texas , a teacher’s guide, is CentroVictoria’s first major project. The goal is to mainstream literature by Mexican American writers and poets to students in Texas. Our intention is to offer teachers—primarily of high school English but also middle school English as well as History and Social Studies—six weeks of lesson planning and material, an entire thirty-day unit’s worth, that will make their job easier and their students more connected to one of the most important classes in their education.


CentroVictoria of the University of Houston-Victoria publishes a new literary magazine, Huizache, featuring poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Huizache publishes works that challenge ethnic, gender, or social stereotypes, and though the magazine’s focus is Latino, it is not limited to it.

The Huizache, a tree that seems invisible but is everywhere, is the inspiration for the title of this magazine which will publish works that have traditionally been ignored. The voices in this magazine are motivated, not silenced, by harsh, unwelcoming conditions.