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2013-2014 Catalog

School of Arts and Sciences

Degree Requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)

1. Satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements for students entering college in Fall 1999 or after. See “General Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.”  Note: Students who transfer from a Texas public community college or public university and are certified as core complete shall have satisfied the core requirements of UHV.

2. General Requirements:

  • Lower Division - 24-44 vocational/technical courses; 3 semester hours of speech and satisfy computer literacy/proficiency requirement (See [**] below). Transfer note: Only vocational/technical courses taken at a college or university that has recognition in some form from the U.S. Department of Education or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. will be accepted.
  • Upper Division - 13 semester hours; ENG 3430 Professional Writing; COMM 3325 Advanced Professional Speaking; COMM 4314 Intercultural Communication; HUMA 4322 Ethics

    [**] May be satisfied within core curriculum.  However, 3 semester hours of both speech and computer literacy/proficiency are still required even if the student is certified as core complete by way of transfer from a Texas public community college or public university.

3. Specialization – 15-21 semester hours chosen from one of the following alternatives:
    a. Biology: 17 semester hours of upper division biology courses by advisement, with at least 2 semester hours
        of laboratory coursework (two 1-hour labs). Biology concentrators should take General Biology, and
        Anatomy and Physiology or General Chemistry as their lower division natural science courses in the core
    b. Biotechnology: 17 semester hours of upper division biology. Six of these hours are to include at least two
        upper level biology core courses. BIOL 4300 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics;
        BIOL 4337 Cell & Molecular Biology, BIOL 3320 Human Genetics, or BIOL 4313 Genetics;
        BIOL 4325 Introduction to Forensics;
        BIOL 3326 Plant Biology or BIOL 4335 Ecology;
        BIOL 3330 Histology or BIOL 4333 Comparative Animal Physiology;
        BIOL 4100 Cell & Molecular Lab or BIOL 4100 Biochemistry Lab,
        BIOL 4100 Plant Biology Lab or BIOL 4100 Histology Lab.
    c. Communication: 18 semester hours of upper division communication courses by advisement.
    d. Computer Information Systems. See separate listing below.
    e. Digital Gaming and Simulation. See separate listing of requirements below.
    f. General Business: 15 semester hours of business courses from at least 2 of the following areas:
        International Business (IBUS), Management (MGMT), Marketing (MKTG). No more than 9 hours may be
        taken in any one area. All 15 semester hours must be designated as upper division courses. At least 9 hours
        must be taken from the University of Houston-Victoria.
    g. Leadership and Enterprise Studies: 15 semester hours of upper division leadership and enterprise
        studies courses by advisement.
    h. Legal Assistance and Administration: 18 semester hours including CRIJ 3316 Ethics of Social Control,
        or MGMT 3312 Legal Environment of Business, and 15 semester hours from one of the following groups
        of courses. Students must take at least 3 semester hours from each group.

  • Group 1- Management Courses - MGMT 4311 Human Resources Management;
    MGMT 4312 Staffing; MGMT 4313 Compensation; MGMT 4315 Contemporary Issues in
    Management; MGMT 4300 Selected Topics in Management (by advisement).
  • Group 2 - Criminal Justice - CRIJ 3321 American Court Systems; CRIJ 4312 Alternatives to Incarceration; CRIJ 4313 Juvenile Justice System; CRIJ 4318 Victimology; CRIJ 4321 Policing in a Democratic Society.

    i. Marketing: 15 semester hours including MKTG 3311 Principles of Marketing, and 12 semester hours of
        upper division marketing courses by advisement. At least 9 hours must be taken from the University of
    j. Network and Security. See separate listing of requirements below.
    k. Psychology: 18 semester hours including PSYC 4311 Abnormal Psychology; PSYC 4320 Principles of
        Learning; PSYC 4314 History and Systems; and 9 semester hours of upper division courses by
    i. Web and Media. See separate listing of requirements below.

4. Additional electives to complete minimum degree requirements of 120 semester hours and 40 upper division semester hours.

Note: The total of lower and upper division coursework in accounting, economics, finance, international business, management, marketing, quantitative management science or any other business discipline (e.g., business law) credited on the degree plan may not exceed 24 semester hours (i.e., 20% of the minimum BAAS degree requirements of 120 semester hours). In addition, a student may not take more than 15 upper division hours in all business disciplines. Students with more than 9 hours of lower division business or business technology courses may not choose General Business or Marketing as their concentration.

These requirements are summarized in the following table: