Career Services Manager – Amy Hatmaker

Amy Hatmaker is responsible for employee and community relations for Career Services. Her primary job responsibilities include:

  • Working with local, regional, and national employers to build relationships focused on promoting student employment opportunities before and after graduation
  • Providing Career Services presentations to community groups and attending local and regional events to promote the benefits of employment of both current and UHV alumni
  • Encouraging community members (especially UHV alumni) to consider the benefits of giving back to the university in terms of sponsoring internships and sharing their professional knowledge with our students

Employer and community groups interested in working with UHV Career Services to post employment opportunities, attend job fairs, and recruit on campus should contact Amy via email or by phone at (361) 570-4378.

Career Services Coordinator - Vacant


Career Services Student Assistants  - Alex Brieske, Mykelti Ball

Alex and Mykelti are the Career Services Student Assistants. They can aid employers in posting positions as well as help most students with CareerLink profile development and provide job search assistance. They can be reached at 361-570-4385.


Expert's Corner 

Employer Tips for Success 

I had a interview that I personally felt was going to change everything for me in a positive way.  I got to the interview to see that I had 3 interviewers at the same time…..extremely intimidating!  The questions that were asked, had nothing to do with the line of work involved, so naturally I was nervous.  At the end of the day, I bombed out the interview and I left there knowing the job was not going to happen for me to say the very least! 


What I have learned from this situation is to be yourself.  There are several components to interviewing someone.  There is education, experience, and qualifications, all which is very important.  But know this, the applicant has the job of selling themselves to the employer.  Show your positive, inner-self, and I promise it will take you a long way.  When credentials balance out between applicants I guarantee personality will be a factor in the decision in the end.  


Shimeca Gould-HR Director at Senior Helpers






Dates & Events

Coffee With A Cop - 12/18/2014

Coffee With A Cop - 1/8/2015

Heartland Civitan District - Area 6 meeting (JH 1128) - 1/10/2015

Museum of the Coastal Bend - Cattle Drive - 1/10/2015

Coffee With A Cop - 1/15/2015

Monthly Meeting of the Crossroads Astronomy Club - 1/19/2015

Coffee With A Cop - 1/22/2015

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