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UHV students and alumni can find two kinds of information within this section: links to job search tools like career boards (including UHV-run boards) and electronic workshops that provide strategies for using those tools successfully.

Links to Job Search Tools

The job search links are organized into the categories below:

Electronic Workshops

Learn tips for job searching through these online workshops

Partnership for Public Service

Landing Your Dream Job or Internship: The Landing Your Dream Job or Internship presentation provides information on the perks of applying for a federal position and internship. It can answer any questions you may have regarding what the federal government looks for when hiring. Lastly, it discusses all the steps necessary to take in the application process.

Decoding the Presidential Management Fellows Program Application Process: This presentation gives an overview of the program itself. After giving you a break down of the program, you are given information on the application process and helpful resources.

Federal Intern and Entry-level Hire Roundtable: In this presentation, you are given lots of tips on what the application process is like. For instance, how long it may take to get feedback, resumes that are used, the interview process, and points on what could be done throughout the process. There are also tips on what life is like once the job has been given to you.

**To access each of the presentations you must type in the password: gogovernment12.

The Job Search: The Job Search presentation, by Eunice Mesa, discusses how to determine your career objectives, prepare for your career, find companies, develop a network, prepare your marketing tools (resumes and cover letters), and follow through with the job search process.

The Job Search presentation continues in Part Two: The Interview. This presentation contains information about preparing for the interview, dressing for success and being prepared for different interview formats. Finally, it discusses what to do the day of the interview and during the interview.

Networking: The Networking presentation, by Eunice Mesa, discusses creating a prospect list, understanding application processes, marketing yourself, and staying organized.

Expert's Corner 

Employer Tips for Success 



Prepare your presentation.  Not only should you be prepared for their questions; you must also treat this interview as an advertisement for YOU.  Only you know where you excel, why you are capable of handling this position and what they can expect from you when you come on board.  Think of the things of which you are most proud.  Achievements, projects, work habits developed, compliments from management, awards, relationships made.  Be prepared to cite specific examples of accomplishments and how your specific experience can help the company solve some of its problems.  Concentrate on your most recent positions, but don’t neglect your early career.


Jenny Gutierres

Corporate Recruiting Coordinator

Regency Post-Acute Healthcare System



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Grow Your Business Online - 9/19/2014

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Grow Your Business Online Beeville - 9/25/2014

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