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Expert's Corner 

Employer Tips for Success 

Candidates should remember to steer clear of hypothetical answers and should mold their answer around real life professional or scholarly examples from their past. Employers want to know your track record more so than how you hope or think you would respond in a situation.


Also, be sure to ask questions. Ask about safety programs or how the position came to be open, and share what it is that you already know about the company. Let your questions show that you have done your homework about the company and that you are being selective about the position you are considering. If you want the position, tell them and let them know why. Few candidates think to do this but it goes a long way. Employers are half concerned with whether or not you are what they are looking for, and equally concerned with whether or not the company fits what the candidate is looking for.  


Liz Pavelchak

Human Resource Representative

Cintas Corporation #539 & #83






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Women's Soccer @ St. Thomas - Houston - 10/25/2014

ACS - Relay for Life meeting - 10/28/2014

Victoria Chamber of Commerce "Texas Good Roads" - 10/31/2014

Women's Soccer @ University of the Southwest - 11/1/2014

Men's Soccer @ University of the Southwest - 11/1/2014

First Steps to Starting Your Own Business - 11/5/2014

Fall 2014 Coffee with the Dean - 11/5/2014

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