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Campus Safety Manual

Campus Safety Manual

Campus Safety Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Order by the Governor of the State of Texas
  2. Safety, Health, Risk Management Goals and Objectives
  3. Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
  4. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  5. CleryAct Reports
    1. Current Annual Security & Fire Safety Report
  6. Building Access
    1. Posted Building Hours
  7. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
    1. UHV Policy C-19, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
    2. Biennial Alcohol and Other Drug Review
  8. Business Continuity Plan
    1. Hurricane Plan
    2. Hurricane Guide - Coastal Bend Edition
    3. Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity
    4. Emergency Management Organizational Chart
  9. Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Plan
  10. Chemical Safety
    1. Hazard Communication Program
    2. Employee Notice; Rights of Employees
      English- Notice to Employees
      Spanish- Aviso A Los Trabajadores
    3. Material Safety Data Sheet Links
    4. Chemical Safety Related Websites
  11. Lost and Found Procedure
  12. PIER (Public Information and Emergency Response)
    1. Students
  13. Incident Report
    1. Campus Incident Report Form
    2. Student Incident Reporting Form
  14. Occupational Safety
    1. Contractor Vendor Requirement
    2. Confined Space Entry
          Appendix A (Confined Space Entry Log and Debriefing Documentation)
    3. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Procedure
    4. Hot Work Guidelines and Permit Process
    5. Lockout Tagout Procedure
    6. Personal Space Heaters Standard
    7. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
      1. IAQ Management Plan
      2. IAQ Response Plan
      3. IAQ Forms
        1. IAQ Observation Form
        2. IAQ Assessment Report
        3. IAQ Closing Report
    8. Elevator Procedures
      1. Elevator Evacuation Procedure
        1. Elevator Evacuation Quick Reference Guide
      2. ASME A17.4 – Guide for Emergency Personnel
  15. Records Retention
  16. Return-To-Work Program
  17. Risk Management Program Review 14
    1. Risk Management Program Review – November 2014
    2. SORM On-Site Consultation Report – September 30, 2015
    3. HSB Professional Loss Control Survey – February 2014
      1. Property Risk Assessment
      2. Property Risk Improvement
      3. Commercial Building Valuation Report
      4. NATHAN Single Risk Assessment Report
      5. COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection & Exposure Report)
      6. Loss Estimate Report
    4. HSB Thermography Services Loss Prevention Report
      1. Property Risk Assessment
      2. Commercial Building Valuation Report
      3. Risk Assessment Documents
      4. Secondary Wind - University Center
      5. Secondary Wind - University West
      6. Secondary Wind - Library
  18. Safety and Health Training
  19. Security Survey Summary
    1. 2011 UHV Security Survey
    2. 2007 Totah Building Security Survey
  20. Security Schedule
  21. Smoking Policy
  22. University Vehicle Usage
    1. Acceptable Driver Standards
    2. Reporting Accidents Involving University Vehicles
  23. Waiver and Release Forms
    1. Release and Indemnification Agreement - This form to be used for any university sponsored activity or trip. Departments can prepare and send original signed documents to Business Services.
  24. Weapons on Campus
  25. Workers Compensation
    1. Reporting Workers' Compensation Accidents
    2. Power Point Presentation

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