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Business Services

Campus Safety Manual

Reporting Of Accidents Involving University Vehicles

Accidents involving University vehicles will be promptly reported to proper authorities.

An accident report is necessary for all accidents with injuries and property damage exceeding $500 and for those that involve a driver who is intoxicated, unlicensed, has no insurance or attempts to leave or leaves the scene.

The police should be summoned when there are injuries involved, when the cars cannot be moved, when one of the drivers is intoxicated, when one of the drivers has no insurance, when one of the drivers leaves the scene of the accident.

The Office of Business Services reports all accidents involving University-owned vehicles, whether on campus or off campus, to the UH Director of Risk Management. The UH Office of Risk Management coordinates insurance claims.


The Victoria Police Department handles traffic accidents occurring on the Victoria College/UHV Campus and should be contacted promptly if the accident falls into one of the above categories.  Also the UHV Safety officer should be notified as soon as possible so that a vehicle accident report can be completed and insurance procedures can be initiated.


Any University of Houston-Victoria employee involved in an accident while driving a University vehicle off campus must notify the police authorities with jurisdiction in that area, and immediately complete the accident checklist sheet in the glove compartment. The UHV Safety Officer must be notified upon return to campus for completion of an accident report.

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