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Campus Safety Manual

How To Use A Warning Label

Always check the warning label before handling any chemical. If you have any questions about a hazardous chemical after the reading label, you can check the MSDS. Some of the basic information to be found on warning labels include:

  1. Basic warnings - The warning label lists the chemical name, hazardous ingredient and the name and address of the chemical away from flame or avoid skin contact.
  2. First Aid - The label may explain first aid treatment for overexposure or other situations that might require treatment.
  3. Fire - The label may tell you what to use to put out any accidental fires.
  4. Spills - There may be a section on handle spills.& You may need to wear personal protective equipment to clean up a spill.
  5. Handling and storage - The label may list the personal protective equipment that you need to handle the chemical safely. The chemical may also need to be stored with extra ventilation or away from other chemicals.
  6. Disposal - Treat empty containers as if they are full, and don't fill with anything else. Empty containers can be hazardous since they often hold residues that can burn or explode.

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