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MS Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

MSEDEThe Master of Science in economic development and entrepreneurship (MSEDE) is a real-world applicable degree. We have one of top online MBA programs in Texas. We know that traditional economic development is about attracting new businesses and helping existing businesses grow because entrepreneurship enhances economic development. Entrepreneurship is about new start-up creation and growth. In this 36-credit-hour online program, you'll enhance your career growth by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of both. RSVP for an Open House date today!


  • Start your business.
  • Launch your business.
  • Turn your business from a fledgling into a sustainable venture.

Economic Development

  • Grow businesses and you grow your community.
  • Be the expert business executives turn to for assistance.
  • After completing the MSEDE, step into roles in government, industrial development, chambers of commerce, corporations, consulting firms, utilities, and more.

Two Specialties, One Online Master's Degree

The Master of Science in economic development and entrepreneurship prepares you to be the expert in two specialties. The reality is that economies are built by starting new businesses, growing existing businesses, and attracting new businesses. Be ready to hit the ground running for your own entrepreneurial endeavors or to help fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses flourish. 

Read more to better understand what courses and next steps you'll take to earn your MSEDE. Apply now for the MSEDE.