UHDPS Security Recovery Team

Team Leader: Safety & Risk Manager
Alternate: Director of Business Services

  1. UHDPS Security Officers are on 24 hour call and should be available to report to their respective campus immediately upon notification by the UHDPS Security Supervisor, campus supervision, or UHDPS supervision
  2. Security personnel are required to stay in communications with the UHDPS Security Supervisor for daily updates
  3. At the time of the emergency or after reporting to the campus after an emergency, the Security Officer on duty will be responsible for coordination with local law enforcement authorities and emergency personnel
  4. Ensure that notices are posted concerning a campus closure at all main entrances to University buildings and ensure that these signs are removed at appropriate times.
  5. Ensure restricted access controls and security controls have been established within and/or around the perimeter of the impacted campus property
  6. Assist with damage evaluation including photographic and video documentation of property
  7. Assist Facilities Services with emergency response plans and the implementation of recovery plans
  8. Prevent unauthorized access to the campus and facilities maintaining perimeter controls as required
  9. Provide current assessment information to the Incident Command System Team or the Emergency Response Team (ERT) members as requested
  10. Protect University property from further losses by burglary, damage, destruction, looting, theft, vandalism, etc
  11. Make routine patrol of activities, documenting all noteworthy events in the UHDPS Security Officers Post Orders and Shift Report
  12. At the end of each shift the on-duty Security Officer shall 1) contact the Safety & Risk Manager (or designee) and debrief and advise of any immediate needs and 2) debrief the incoming Security Officer(s)
  13. UHDPS Security Supervisor will notify the University of Houston Department of Public Safety of recovery team efforts.  The UHDPS contact is the Parking Enforcement and Security Manager