Telecommunications Recovery Team

Team Leader: Telecommunications Analyst
Alternate: Network Administrator

  1. The Telecommunications Recovery Team will be responsible for restoring critical telecommunications at the affected location and the alternate site (if activated), as outlined in this plan
  2. Begin deployment of pre-planned telecommunications strategies for the emergencies
  3. Maintain adequate inventory of equipment and supplies, including backup cellular phones, common cabling, spare phone desk sets, etc, to sustain minimal critical operations for up to 30 days
  4. Through coordination with Purchasing, immediately begin contacting pre-selected telecommunications vendors to obtain on site support for damage assessment and restoration of services
  5. Coordinate damage assessment activities with Facilities Services and the Safety & Risk Manager to evaluate the extent of damage to data and voice telecommunications
  6. Develop an estimated time frame for restoration of normal services and update ERT at least twice daily, on status progress
  7. Coordinate all voice and data communication recovery support activities for local and long distance services
  8. Review affected Departmental Risk Analysis Profiles to determine minimal critical telecommunication needs
  9. If alternate operational site(s) used, set up voice and data communications as a top priority for those sites