Student Affairs Recovery Team

Team Leader: Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Alternate: Sr. Administrative Assistant

  1. The Student Affairs Recovery Team membership should minimally include the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Registrar, Director of Student Retention and Academic Success, Sr. Director of Enrollment Management, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Counseling Center, and Director of Student Life and Services.  The Recovery Team is responsible primarily for communicating schedule changes and releasing other pre-approved information to students as well as providing for the various types of student assistance that may be needed during an emergency of up to 30 days duration         
  2. For class schedule changes as a result of an emergency event (information provided by Academic Affairs Recovery Team), contact affected students using the most expedient method available.  Phone contact if possible         
  3. Deploy pre-planned strategies for emergencies that may include but are not limited to special requests and other needs from affected students         
  4. Arrange for student and/or community volunteers that may be needed by the University