Roles and Responsibilities

Administration and Cabinet

Administrative support, defined as the President’s Cabinet, includes full endorsement, support and approval of the plan, ensuring necessary financial, human and physical resources are available.

Managers, Directors and Supervisors

Required to be knowledgeable of and to adhere to the procedures in this plan, to the extent possible, and ensure communication to and the participation of staff in planning, recovery and training exercises.

Safety & Risk Manager

The Safety & Risk Manager is the Plan Administrator and has responsibility for overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of the University’s Emergency Management Plan in support of the plan objectives.

Safety & Risk Advisory Committee

The Safety & Risk Advisory Committee is responsible for providing recommendations and advice to the Safety & Risk Manager as assistance is needed.

Faculty and Staff Employees

Employees are responsible for knowing and understanding their individual roles in the plan and having the ability and willingness to carry out that role in the event of an emergency.