Registrar and Student Records Recovery Team

Team Leader: Registrar
Alternate: Records Coordinator

  1. Generate each semester (12th class day for Fall/Spring, 4th class day for Summer) a list of the students currently enrolled
  2. Generate each semester a report containing a list of all courses being offered including instructor name, day(s), instruction mode, location
  3. Contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to work with them in addressing specific issues arising from regulatory requirements
  4. Evaluate and update the ERT on operational damages and progress made to restore normal business processes
  5. When computer access is available, evaluate Registrar/Student Records program databases and access to all necessary programs and websites (e.g., Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)<
  6. Update students via the Registrar/Student Records website and/or UHV email accounts.
  7. Update the Marketing Recovery Team with Registrar/Student Records guidance that needs to be communicated to students via the media