Marketing Recovery Team

Team Leader: Director of Marketing and Communications
Alternate: Communications Specialist

  1. Marketing, in coordination with the President, will be the central coordinating point for all public statements and information disseminated to the news media and other external entities, serving as the institution’s primary spokesperson         
  2. Use pre-developed media strategies for emergencies
  3. Create informational messages that Human Resources and the Telecommunications Analyst can disseminate information to employees
  4. The Director of Marketing and Communications will make contact with the Victoria City/County Emergency Management in the event of closures and other emergency situations impacting the community
  5. The Director of Marketing and Communications will provide the Telecommunications Analyst with a copy of press release to utilize when setting up outgoing messages at the switchboard.
  6. Direct the media to the university spokesperson
  7. Set up a Media Briefing Center, if necessary; this briefing center may be off-site
  8. Monitor media broadcasts for inaccurate information and correct immediately when found
  9. Acquire regular updates, hourly if necessary, concerning the status of injured employees from Human Resources and the status of University conditions and operations from the ERT to ensure that all information given out is current
  10. Upon restoration of operations, participate in a general debriefing with ERT to evaluate public relations responses to the emergency and make recommendations for improvement
  11. Advise Commencement Committee and external parties involved with commencement, if necessary, of changes that occur due to a business interruption