Information Technology Recovery Team

Team Leader: Network Planning and Development Manager (NPDM)
Alternate: Senior Systems Administrator (SSA)
                User Services Administrator (USA)
                Administrative Assistant (AA)
                Web Services Manager (WSM)

  1. Primary focus is the restoration of Information Technology hardware, software, system services and security measures (NPDM, SSA, USA)       
  2. From pre-event planning, be familiar with department Risk Analysis Profiles and minimal Information Technology needs (equipment and software) and employ strategies to restore minimal critical support services (NPDM, SSA, USA)
  3. To the extent possible, restore access to LAN and WAN computing environments (NPDM, SSA, USA)
  4. Through coordination with Business Services, use appropriate emergency procedures for the purchase ofemergency goods and services (AA)
  5. Establish an estimated time frame for restoration of affected systems to normal status (NA, SNA, USA)
  6. Coordinate through ERT for distribution priorities of computers and software (NPDM, USA, AA)
  7. Coordinate the cabling and configuring of the acquired computer equipment and the removal ofsalvageable Information Technology equipment (NPDM, USA, AA)
  8. Reload only minimal operational critical software on personal computers as defined by the affected department’s Risk Analysis Profile (NPDM, SSA, USA)
  9. Develop a strategy for the restoration of destroyed/damaged electronic records (NPDM, SSA, USA)
  10. Communicate with Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Deans, UH Blackboard Administrators, UHV Online Support Technicians, and UHV IT department regarding status and availability of online courses (Blackboard)
  11. Post updates to Blackboard Campus Announcements and UHV website regarding status of online courses, pending availability of these systems, based on feedback from the Academic Affairs office