General Counsel Recovery Team

Team Leader: UHS Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

  1. The focus of the UHS Office of the General Counsel will be to provide legal counsel during and after the event and develop strategies and offer recommendations to limit risk and liability exposure to the University         
  2. Visit the affected campus site as soon as possible to be briefed by ERT leadership and gain an initial assessment of the situation
  3. The Office of the General Counsel will be the control and coordination point for all legal and regulatory matters directly relating to the emergency management actions of the University
  4. Provide guidance to departments including Human Resources Recovery Team and the Marketing Recovery Team (Public Relations) on matters related to the event
  5. Review emergency contracts entered into as a result of the event to the extent possible to ensure that the interests of University are being protected
  6. Review significant policy or process changes made during the emergency to limit the potential liability
  7. The Office of the General Counsel will assist with risk management to ensure that appropriate documentation and records regarding a loss are transmitted to various insurers and other appropriate entities
  8. The Office of the General Counsel will  handle other matters as deemed appropriate