Finance Recovery Team

Team Leader: Comptroller
Alternate: General Accounting Manager

The Comptroller will control and act as coordination point for the management of fund related issues relating to business interruption and business resumption activities.  The Comptroller will

  1. Review and implement alternate procedures for approval authority, spending authority, and capital expenditures      
  2. Manage the movement of funds to ensure that expenditures are recorded within the appropriate cost center(s)      
  3. Review and verify the receipt and payment of all recovery-related materials and equipment
  4. Ensure university wide emergency related expenses are documented and recorded properly in accordance with FEMA guidelines for post-event expenditure recovery and reporting of losses to state and federal entities. Provide an instruction sheet (form) for Recovery Teams and departments to record documentation
  5. Have the ability to monitor and record business resumption-related expenditures through the use of a single cost center.  Consider having unfunded cost centers set up and available specifically for this use
  6. Ensure the safe-keeping and deposit of funds received
  7. Review Business Continuity Plan, Appendix F – Finance Guidance for Disasters