Facilities Services Recovery Team

Team Leader: Director of Facilities Services
Alternate:  Building Maintenance Managers

The Facilities Services Recovery Team supports the university by being the first responders to any emergency situation on campus. Facilities first responders will ensure the safety of personnel and assess the condition of property.         

  1. People come first. Provide assistance by locating personnel that may have sought shelter or may have become injured in our buildings or on our property. Note needs of people with disabilities. Assess the conditions of any injured person and alert medical personnel if time and safety permits waiting.         
  2. Assess property damage and alert safety/security personnel of status of buildings and whether or not it is recommended to re-enter property or buildings. Contact peer institutions or professional groups for help.         
  3. Move or secure vital records/high priority items if it can be done safely. (if applicable)         
  4. Initiate or coordinate emergency repairs to lessen property damage/vandalism.li>
  5. Verify master switch shut-off (water, gas, electricity) by trained staff.li>
  6. Move items away from windows into water-resistant areas:
    1. Flooding: move items to higher floors.             
    2. Hurricane: avoid areas under roof.
  7. Wrap shelves, cabinets, other storage units in heavy plastic sealed with waterproof tape.
  8. Look for loose or downed power lines. Avoid area. Report problems to local utility.
  9. Look for electrical system damage: sparks, broken/frayed wires, smell of burning insulation. Turn off electricity at main switch if you can without risk. (if necessary)         
  10. Shut off water if necessary.